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Monday, May 11th 2009, 1:28am

Palm Barbara sang for Hohenzollern family

This is a muliply questian,and please forgive where and how placed this; Palm I had figured was a Pilgrim from the crusades,though noticed In Researching Nobility,under Familie Palm Kreis Gogao,that the person was asking about something which I couldn't understand-2007.
My great great grandmother born 1836 Bausendorf to Joannes Palm & Marie Bohn.While she was a child ,she was supposed to sang for the Hohnzollern familie,and played with the children. I would liked to confirm this and was given this; Offical Website of the House of Hohnzollern at; It is written in German and the contact person is Michaela Blankart;
Is it ok to write in English and will this be free-I don't have money;belive there is book that may have Barbara Palm in it for singing-I suppose parents may be in it being she's a child.If it must be in German can one of you be able to help?
She married 1881 Joseph Miesen and lived in Kinderbeuren ,USA 1881.1897 they lived in Shakopee,MN.While there she filled in for an opera troop at the Shakopee Opera House;there is no books for opera house,nor for Choir at ST.Marks. There is no way for me to go through Shakopee News Papers nor to hire someone.She was an Soprano. Thanks for allowing me to tell my families story& for having this site-Truely greatful for help,Cathy :P



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Tuesday, May 12th 2009, 11:19pm

if you ask for the books or CD´s that cost all money. You will find the prices under the artikel´s. On this site.
viele Grüße
suche Volkemer >1720 Pfalz; Elsaß; Lothringen;
Schmidt in Syrgenstein/Bayern-Schwaben und Lothringen Raum Bitsch > 1720




Wednesday, May 13th 2009, 9:28pm

Hohnzollern Books

So they are free to look at,they will look for you free? And can I write in English will it be ok? Cathy