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Location: England

Societies: Anglo-German FHS

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Wednesday, April 24th 2019, 4:05pm


Herman ALMEROTH, born Germany c1762, married in London 1793, died in London 1812 aged 50.

Herman was my 4xgt grandfather, but after 20yrs of research I still do not know where he was born. He came to London where he worked as a sugarbaker, eventually owning and running his own small refinery.

If it helps, he worked for/with Jost Heinrich MUHM (1746-1828) from Gleichen, Hessen (Henry Mum and his brother-in-law Henry Martin were executors to Herman's will); and there may also be an Almeroth/Muhm connection in Schwabendorf, Hessen. A late uncle told me that Herman was from Saxony (might this be Lower Saxony from where many sugarbakers came), though I would not wish this to restrict searches elswhere in Germany.
I have an extensive Muhm family tree, but there's no mention of Almeroth.

Thank you.

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