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Thursday, January 7th 2010, 8:19pm

Looking for Frida Wetzel 1856

I am looking for the parents of Frida Wetzel born in Bavaria in 1856. Her father`s name was Johann Wetzel. He was a professor of English. Also Emma Babette
Margaretha Wetzel may be a relative.

Would be grateful for any help.

Ich suche die Eltern von Frida Wetzel geboren in Bayern 1856. Der Name des Vaters war Johann Wetzel. Er war Professor für Englisch. Ebenfalls Emma Babette
Margaretha Wetzel war vermutliche eine Verwandte.
Vielen Dank für jede Hilfe

Location: Bayreuth

Societies: Gesellschaft für Familienforschung in Franken

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Friday, January 8th 2010, 11:38am

Now in North-Bavarian there are in phone-book 269 Wetzel, in South-Bavarian 289 Wetzel. It is necessary to know the place or at least the region.
Yours sincerely
Friedhard Pfeiffer



Location: Südwest-Pfalz

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Saturday, January 9th 2010, 10:24am

Hello Janetra,
do you know on wich university/school he was a professor ?
I found an professor with the name Johann Wetzel, but he died 23 years before Frida Wetzel was born.
Here i have the link for you.
Johann Wetzel
I wish you a sucessfull search and a lot of fun in our forum.
viele Grüße
suche Volkemer >1720 Pfalz; Elsaß; Lothringen;
Schmidt in Syrgenstein/Bayern-Schwaben und Lothringen Raum Bitsch > 1720


Saturday, January 9th 2010, 8:36pm

Frida Wetzel

Hello Ulrich,

Thank you for the link. I have had a look at it but I don`t understand what is written there. Can you help me please with the German? Is von Straubenzell a name or a place? Perhaps he had a son called Johann and he is Frida`s father?

7. P. Maurus (Josef Benedikt Johann Georg) Wetzel von Straubenzell.
Geboren 12. November 1776. Eltern: Johann Georg und Anna Maria Stürm.
St.Gallen entliess ihn am 23. Dezember 1794 aus der Leibeigenschaft.
Profess 8. Dezember 1795. Subdiakon 23. Dezember 1797; Diakon 20.
Januar 1799; Priester 19. Dezember 1801 (oder 1800?). 1805-07 Pfarrer
in Pfäfers. 1807-17 Pfarrer in Vättis. 1818-24 Pfarrer in Quarten. Als
er von einer Pfarrkonferenz in Mels zurückkehrte, scheute das Pferd in
Wallenstadt; er sprang aus dem Wagen, verletzte sich aber so, dass er
nach 40 Stunden starb, am 7. Mai 1824. Er wurde in Wallenstadt

Best wishes,

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Location: Südwest-Pfalz

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Sunday, January 10th 2010, 10:07am

7.P. Maurus (Josef Benedikt Johann Georg) Wetzel from Straubenzell

Born 12. nov. 1776. parents Johann Georg and Anna Maria Stuerm.
St. Gallen dismissed him on 23 dec. from the peonage/serfdom (this means a kind of slavery)
Profess 8. dec. 1795
(This means he would be a professor, from this date on)
Subdiakon 23. dec. 1797
Diakon 20. jan. 1799
Priest 19. dec. 1801 (1800?) in Pfäfers
1807-1817 Priest in Vaettis.
1818-1824 Priest in Quarten.
(This villages must be in switzerland)
If he want to comeback from a priest-conference in Mells, the horse disappeard, he jumped out of the cariage, injurned himself so badly. That he died after 40 hours on 7 mai 1824. He burred in Wallenstadt.

i hope this translation is good enough and you will understand it.
viele Grüße
suche Volkemer >1720 Pfalz; Elsaß; Lothringen;
Schmidt in Syrgenstein/Bayern-Schwaben und Lothringen Raum Bitsch > 1720


Monday, January 11th 2010, 8:18pm

Hello Ulrich,

Thank you for the translation. Yes I can understand it all now.

Where can I find out if the professor had any children? If you can help me, I will be VERY happy!

Best wishes,



Location: Kanton Luzern, Schweiz; Herkunft: Kanton Zug, Schweiz

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Monday, January 11th 2010, 10:06pm

Hello Janet

I have some corrections to what Uli said:

The word profess has nothing to do with a professor/teacher.
He was a catholic monk and profess means "to take vows".
As a catholic monk he was not allowed to have children.

The places are all in Switzerland near the lake Walensee
and i think they all belong to the Canton St. Gallen.

Geschichten zu meinen Vorfahren und auf den Spuren der ITEN-Familien in den USA.
Mit Linklisten: Auswanderung, Kriegsschicksale, Deutsche Ostgebiete, jüdische Genealogie.


Wednesday, January 13th 2010, 7:46pm

Hello Svenja,

Thank you for correcting the details, it was all very confusing as I could not understand the connection between a professor and the church! It seems that I have come to a dead end with my research for the moment.

I am trying to help a friend in England to trace their German roots, but without further details it seems impossible. All I have is a copy of a letter which was sent to Frida Wetzel in 1920.