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Sunday, July 17th 2016, 11:41am

Abbreviations in ofb data

I am trying to extract data from some OFB's and am having problems with the Mühlenliste data. I have found it is not a mill list which is the literal translation, but they are lists of people taxed for grain milling. There are some tables that have headings like

Wm Ww S 12+ T 12+ Kn Mä Dj Mg Im Iw S T A S T J M S

I have worked out the first four columns are the man and woman as head of the household and the number of sons a daughters over 12, I am fairly certain the Im and Iw refer to servants, from Instman, perhaps the next S and T are for servants children, the next S and T seems to be children of the head of the household under 12 (and not taxed.) I would like to know what the other columns are.

Some tables have a slight change

Wm Ww S 12+ T 12+ Kn Mä Dj Dm bSol Alt S <12 T <12 Sol

This adds a column bSol which I do not understand, but having Alt instead of just A might mean there is a count of old people who were taxed differently. The S in the first line might be Sol in the second but I have no idea what it means.

Later entries do not have the sons and daughters under 12 columns but use

K 1J 2J 3J 4J 5J 6J 7J 8J 9J 10J 11J

which I take to mean children of 1 year, 2 year .. 11 year, without any gender distinction.

Any pointers on what the column abbreviations mean would be most helpful.

Location: Kreis Steinburg

Societies: AGoFF, AGGM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genealogie Magdeburg), GGHH, AKVZ Schleswig-Holstein

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Sunday, July 17th 2016, 12:16pm

Please specify in which OFB you have found the respective abbreviations.



FENNER in Tlukawy/Hermstal/Wischin (Posen)

STIEWITZ aus "Strelen" in der "Niederlauselitz" (17. Jht.)

SCHÖNBORN aus "Rotenburg"/Neisse (18. Jht)

EICHEL aus Rostock (17. Jht.)

OSTERKAMP aus Hausbergen/Minden (17. Jht)


Monday, July 18th 2016, 9:21am

The OFB Shaaken/