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Freitag, 4. Januar 2019, 20:27

Help needed - locating birth record of Carl Peter (americanized) Waldinger in Elberfeld GER on 1 OCT 1875


I have hit a dead end trying to trace my paternal great grandfather back to Germany. I have, I believe, plenty of solid information on him, however I suspect he modified or Americanized his name and/or his parents names upon arrival to the USA. Here is what I know:

Carl Peter Waldinger
b: 1 OCT 1875 in Elberfeld, GER
arrived NY, NY 20 JAN 1898
naturalized 13 JUL 1905 in Boston
married 1 JUN 1907 in Peterborough, ONT CAN
had my grandfather Robert Hilgers Waldinger on 30 NOV 1914 in Newton, MA USA
died 10 SEP 1944 in Boston
Parents: John Peter Waldinger and Emma Hilgers

I have been unable to locate his birth in German records, so everything I have is from the US. I have found a few hints from Germany, but none that I can verify. I suspect that 'John Peter Waldinger' might be Johann Ferdinand Waldinger, born 21 MAY 1845 and subsequently Christened in Elberfeld.

Can anyone help? Thank you!!! :danke:

Jamie Waldinger, great grandson of Carl Peter Waldinger


Samstag, 5. Januar 2019, 16:32

Hello Jamie,
registry-offices were established in 1876 in Elberfeld, one year too late for your purposes. Main sources before 1876 are church-books. Have you any idea about the religious denominaton of the old Waldingers?

Katholische Pfarrei St. Laurentius Elberfeld. - Evangelisch-lutherische
Gemeinde Elberfeld. - Evangelisch-reformierte Gemeinde Elberfeld.
By the way, in the LDS Database I found:

Johann Ferdinand Waldinger, born 21 Mai 1845, bapt. 22 June 1845 in Elberfeld,
Wilhelm Carl Waldinger, born 28 August 1847, bapt. 27 Sept. 1847 in Elberfeld,
both sons of Johann Ferdinand Waldinger and Charlotte Beul, all Lutherans.

One of these children could be the father or uncle of your Carl Peter W..
Gruß - Detlef


Montag, 7. Januar 2019, 17:23

Hello Detlef,

Thank you very much. I have located the birth certificate for Carl Peter and it turns out he was born in Barmen on 1 OCT 1875.

His father is listed as Johann Peter, who I suspect may likely be the Johann Ferdinand you mention, but it seems impossible to be sure. The location and birthdates are a clear match, although I am unsure how or why the middle name of Ferdinand at birth would have been changed to Peter thirty years later?