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Sunday, August 3rd 2008, 8:46am

translation into english needed of marriage certificate

please can anyone translate this into english it is a marrage certi from munchen of theoder Gmach and Anna maria Bandl

thank you


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Sunday, August 3rd 2008, 9:00am

Hi Tim,

I really want to help you but i can't open your links,sorry. I hope you see the english version -> Documents




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Sunday, August 3rd 2008, 9:37am

Hi Tim,

here is an english version of Evi's link:
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Are they the same files you have here ??
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Sunday, August 3rd 2008, 10:35am

Hi Tim,

and thanks to Bob

Here's the german version first.Side 1

Der Ehemann Gmach
ist am 6.Januar 1938
München II

München,am acht und zwanzigsten
Januar tausend acht hundert achtzig und vier
Vor dem unterzeichneten Standesbeamten erschienen heute zum
Zweck der Eheschließung:
1.der Schlossergehilfe Theodor
der Persönlichkeit nach auf Grund mehrere vorge-
zeigter Legimationspapiere anerkannt,
katholischer Religion,geboren den sechs und
zwanzigsten Januar des Jahres tausend acht hundert
fünfzig und sechs,zu Rötz Bezirks-
amts Waldmünchen,wohnhaft zu München,
Zweibrückenstrasse N°1
Sohn der Bäckermeisterseheleute Theodor
und Anna Gmach geborene
wohnhaft zu Rötz
2.Anna Maria Bandl,
der Persönlichkeit nach in voriger Weise
katholischer Religion,geboren den zwölften
März des Jahres tausend acht hundert
fünfzig und sechs zu München,
wohnhaft zu München
Kapuzinerstrasse N°23
Tochter des verstorbenen Schneidermeisters Josef
Bandl zuletzt dahier und dessen Ehefrau Anna ge-
bornen Lindner wiederverehelichten Braun,
wohnhaft zu München


Sunday, August 3rd 2008, 10:54am

Side 2

Zeugen waren zugezogen und erschienen :
3.der Schlossergehilfe Leonhard
der Persönlichkeit nach in (ü ?) obenstehender Weise
acht und zwanzig Jahre alt,wohnhaft zu München
am Glockenbach N°16
4.der Buchbindergehilfe Johann
Paul Braun,
der Persönlichkeit nach in (ü ?)obenstehender Weise
fünf und zwanzig Jahre alt,wohnaft zu München
Gabelsbergerstrasse N°18
vorgelesen,genehmigt und unterschrieben
Theodor Gmach
Anna Gmach geb.Bandl
Johann Braun
Leonhard Klostermeier



Sunday, August 3rd 2008, 11:39am

Here a first try, I am not sure about some terms:

The husband Gmach has died
on January 6th 1938 (civil registry office München II Nr.1712,1938 .

München, 28.01.1884 (numbers are written out)
In front of the signing registrar
showed up for the purpose of marriage

1. The locksmith helper Theodor Gmach,
his identity accredited due to several legitimation documents,

of catholic religion
born 26.01.1856 (numbers are written out) in Rötz
Council of the Waldmünchen Borough,

resident in München, Zweibrückenstrasse N°1,
son of the married couple master bakers Theodor and Anna Gmach nee Kraus,
residents in Rötz

2. Anna Maria Bandl,
her identity accredited in the same way as above,
of catholic religion,
born 12.03.1856 (numbers are written out) in Munich, Kapuzinerstrasse N°23
daughter of the deceased dress maker master Josef Bandl
last (living) in this town
and his wife Anna nee Lindner remarried Braun, resident of München.

As witnesses were invited and have shown up
3. The locksmith helper Leonard Klostermeier
his identity accredited in the same way as above,
28 years old, resident of München, Glockenbach N°16

4. The bookbinder helper Johann Paul Braun
his identity accredited in the same way as above,
25 years old, resident of Munich, Gabelsbergerstrasse N°18

Read, agreed and signed

Theodor Gmach
Anna Gmach geb.Bandl



Sunday, August 3rd 2008, 11:45am

thank you

Thank you all very much for your help





Sunday, August 3rd 2008, 11:48am


The hubby Gmach died 6th of January 1938 ( civil registry office Munich II No. 1712/1938

No.117 Munich 28th of January 1884 ere the signing marriage registrar appeared today for marriage:
1. The locksmith assistant Theodor Gmach; his personality approved on account of several authentic papers; catholic religion, born on 26th of january of the year 1856 in Rötz department Waldmünchen [seems to be a part/village of/near Munich], living in Munich, Zweibrückenstrasse No1 [street/house]; Son of the married bakers [Master in sens of craft] Theodor und Anna Gmach born Kraus living in Rötz
2. .Anna Maria Bandl, her personality approved on earlier act; of catholic religion, born on 12th of march in the year 1856 in Munich, living in Munich, Kapuzinerstrasse No23 [street/house]; daughter of the deceased tailor [Master in sens of craft] Josef Bandl here at last and his wife Anna born Lindner remarried Braun, living in Munich

consulted and appeared witnesses:
3. the locksmith assistant Leonhard Klostermeier, his personality approved as above, 28 years old, living in Munich, "am Glockenbach" No16 [street/house]
4. the bookbinder assistant Johann Paul Braun, his personality approved as avove, 25 years old, living in Munich, Gabelsbergerstrasse No18 [street/house]
read out, approved and signed
Theodor Gmach
Anna Gmach born Bandl
Johann Braun
Leonhard Klostermeier

*edit: k, next time i try to be faster ^^