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Wednesday, May 11th 2011, 7:29pm

Langer/Raczek from Altendorf kreis Ratibor

I am looking for information about my great grandfather Johann Langer ( Nov 19/1878 - Mar 3 1942). He was born in Altendorf kreis Ratibor (Raciborz) and died in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein. He was married to Minna Amalia Ewel on December 10/1904 in Gaarden-Kiel, Schleswig-Hosltein. They had 4 children: Werra Charlotte (1903), Johannes (1906), Helmut (1909) and Annastasia Brunhilde (1923). I know that he left Ratibor where he completed an apprenticeship as a shoe-maker to come to Kiel to be in the military, however due to Tuberculosis he was discharged and never went to war. He and Minna had a small shoe-making business in Gaarden-Kiel (Elisabeth Str.). He was also originally Catholic, however converted to New Apostolic, where he was an active member in the church (located behind Gerhardstr.9 where he later lived in Kiel--this church was later destroyed in the war).

As my subject line reads, I have recently found the name of my great grandfather's parents--Johann and Annastasia (Raczek) Langer. They lived and died in Altendorf kreis Ratibor (Raciborz). I would like to find out if they had any other children besides my great grandfather. I do know that there was a brother who was a Catholic priest who did go to the United States, however I do not know his name or where he went. I would also like to find more information about where Johann Sr. and Annastasia came from, their birthdays, siblings, parents etc.

If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it, as I am trying to solve a family mystery.

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Thursday, May 12th 2011, 2:31am

Ancestors from Altendorf

as your ancestors Johann and Anastasia Langer are from Altendorf (Altendorf near
Ratibor/Raciborz, A. later part of the town R., thus Ratibor-Altendorf), you are in
the happy positon that you should be able to find informations about them and their

For the parish registers (Matriken/church records) of Altendorf are still existing
in Poland (whereas those of many other places in Silesia were destroyed during the
war), and are accessable also on microfilms of the LDS-church ("Mormonen"). The
birth registers starting from 1623, the marriages from 1759 and the deaths from
1686 are completely filmed until the 20th century (!), thus can be studied in the
centers of the LDS.

So you have a chance of finding several generations of your Silesian ancestors,
in case they lived in Ratibor-Altendorf
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

:) Fafofan ;)




Friday, May 13th 2011, 2:59pm

Altendorf-Ratibor Archives

Thank You so much for your response! I have been frustrated for so long because I can't find any specific information on these family members and they are the only ones missing information. It's great to hear that there should be a way to find this information, however all research that I have done brings up nothing about Johann and Annastasia! I can't even find anyone with the name Raczek anywhere and Johann Langer was obviously a popular name. Every Langer I have contacted has no relation to mine, which I'm finding difficult to understand. It is as if these two didn't exist! How do I gain access to these records for Altendorf-Ratibor? I already found Johann Langer's marriage and death certificate at the archives in Kiel when I was a there last summer--this is how I found the name of his parents and location (Altendorf-Ratibor). I visit Europe every year, but I have never been to Poland and don't have any contacts there. Do you know of any email addresses or websites where I could request Johann and Annastasia's information? As I mentioned earlier, there is a big family mystery and I am so intrigued to find out more. Your response has at least given me some hope that there is something out there somewhere :)

Thank You!

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