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Location: Florida, USA

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Saturday, May 5th 2012, 1:48pm

Barque (ship) Behrend / Berend


I have found a listing of a sailing ship, the barque or bark, BEHREND ** listed in ships registries of 1879 - 1883. Homeport is listed as Hamburg. The 1879 and 1880 listings show the captain being H. ARMBRUST, 1881, '82 & '83 captain someone else (hard to read).

** sometimes listed as BEREND but a typo-error I think. All other info listed is the same as BEHREND.

I can find no other information about this ship nor Captain H. ARMBRUST who may have been a family member.

Not much to go on but does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can find more information concerning the ship and Captain H. ARMBRUST ?

Thank you,

Bob Armbrust

Port Orange, FL USA