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Friday, June 8th 2012, 8:15am

Deutsch-Amerikanische Genealogie / German Geneaology

I've just found this link in another forum:

This site is a collection of links for german geneaolgy. There are some general information pages, but most of the links are for german immigrants in USA. Some of the links are to other web pages, some are to PDF files (hover with the mouse over the link, and you can see .pdf at the end of the address).

At the bottom othe page are links to ships lists. These are not working.
The links are all to a genealogical society in Bremen, Germany called "Die Maus"…=Ansgir&lang=en
(one of their "specialities" is collecting lists of passengers emigrating from from Bremen)

"Die Maus" is still on the server, but with a different address:
and the ships lists are here:…g/index_en.html

Gruß / Regards,
suche mehr Ahnen für mein Website (deutsch) / (english)
insbesonders Remenyi (Ruml), Margulies, Morser (Mörzer) in Polen, Ungarn, Slovakei, Österreich, ....