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Wednesday, January 14th 2015, 11:51am

Hohndorf & Arndt - Schwedt/Oder & königsberg neumark

Karl Hohndorf,a trumpetor in the 1 Brandenburg Dragoon Regt 2 stationed in Schwedt/Oder with his wife Minna Hohndorf (geb. Arndt)had three children all born in Schwedt:-
Elisabeth Pauline Gertrud Hohndorf......1880 died 18 Sep 1889 ,Charlottenburg,Berlin
Arthur Conrad Walther Hohndorf..........1881 died 1944 Landhausen Uber Eppingen
Erich Karl Hans Hohndorf................1884

My Great-Grandfather Erich Hohndorf lived in Berlin and was a founding member of Sports Club Charlottenburg. My father has a postcard sent by Erich to Maria Arndt & her mother (his aunt & Grandmother ?) Golzstrasse , königsberg neumark.
Familysearch throws up this marriage which MIGHT be his parents - allowing for a spelling mistake -6 June 1879Military Regiments 1 124 And 2, Neuruppin, Brandenburg, Prussia
Carl Heinrich Hohndorf & Minna Auguste Arnat (sic)- Do you think this could be them ? If so is there anyway of seeing the record online ?

HOHNDORF is quite an uncommon name so I am suprised I have found this line so difficult to research !

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Sunday, May 3rd 2015, 7:54am

I have 3x grandparents ARNDT:
Wilhelm or Wieland Carl Ludwig ARNDT married Luise wilhelmine AHRENS about 1848?

at least one daughter:

Berta Pauline Louise ARNDT b1850 and married in 1869 zimmergeselle Friedrich Wilhelm REINSBERG b1848 Charlottenburg Berlin

Would we have any overlapping ancesters?