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Tuesday, September 15th 2015, 2:22pm

why does a search by name and search by bbox not find the same point?

If you look at the results of this URL:

You will find 4 results .. the one I am interested in is the following:
GOV-id = object_189823
name = Schwenkfeld, Makowice
Lat/Lon = 50.825,16.545


This bbox search returns nothing:

These points are a proper bbox around the Lat/Lon point above..right?
Upper-Left ("NorthWest") = (50.828379,16.536922)
Lower-Right ("SouthEast") = (50.821922,16.554103)

Why does URL #2 not return that point that URL #1 does? Am I doing something wrong with my bounding box search?