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Tuesday, April 10th 2018, 2:36pm

von der Heyde from Tzschacksdorf (Schacksdorf)

I am looking for information about the birthplace of my ancestor, Heinrich Sigismund von der Heyde (18th Century "Hero of Colberg") prior to visiting from the US in July, 2018. Family records show he was from Tzschacksdorf, and his father was the "Lord" of Tzschacksdorf. However, I am trying to confirm whether today this historical location is actually Gross Schacksdorf-Simmersdorf (Germany), or instead Strzeszowice (Poland). Any thoughts are much appreciated- thanks!

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Location: Berlin

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Saturday, September 15th 2018, 1:06am

Hey rich,

I know, my answer is too late. Did you saw the Wikipedia entry for Heinrich Sigismund? Some information are based on the book "Biographisches Lexikon aller Helden und Militärpersonen: T. G-L " by Anton Balthasar König.
All other references are also linked to Gross Schacksdorf in Germany (Lausitz). The german Wikipedia page is more detailed and colourful. On this page your ancestor is mentioned as a notable person of the city.