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Monday, March 11th 2019, 3:42pm

Looking for "Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Hellwig" born in 1859

Hallo zusammen,

I'm looking for some further information from my grand-grand-grandfather, who immigrated from Pommern to the South of Brazil (São Lourenço do Sul - Rio Grande do Sul).
Maybe a birth certificate, baptism, or anything that could give a further information about his origins.

His name was Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Hellwig (translated later to Portuguese as "Alberto Frederico Guilherme" Hellwig).
Born in 19.01.1859
The birth location is not clear as it was described on his tombstone as "Rartlow", but it looks like this location didn't exist in Pommern.

So our guess is that it was a mistake. I contacted the Pommersches Landesmuseum and they thought about Kartlow as "R" and "K" might be similar on old German handwriting, but there are 3 locations available.
There is for instance a Kartlow (today Kartlewo) in the former district of Belgard (today Białogard), north-east of Schivelbein (today Świdin), a second one is situated in the former district of Cammin (today Kamień Pomorski) and a third one in the district of Vorpommern-Greifswald (south-west of Gützkow).
But yesterday I found an additional piece of paper that my grandfather wrote when he was alive that mentions the location is called Bartlow. But I could not find it. That could be Bartow maybe?

Spouse: Bertha Friederike Wilhelmine (born Tomaschewski)

Immigrated with his father, Karl (???) Hellwig, to Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil - in 1881.

Attached you can find the picture of his tombstone in a village called "Boa Vista" that is part of city of São Lourenço do Sul in Brazil.
Cemetery location on google maps:

There's a lot of gaps on the information I have, so any additional information you might have found would be really precious.

About me:
I'm Fernando Hellwig Timm, born in São Lourenço do Sul (Brazil) and I'm currently living in Munich. I'd like to apply to German Citizenship as my old relatives came from Pommern and might have had later a German passport (or might have renewed their citizenship every 10 years after the immigration on the German consulate in Brazil)... nobody of my family knows and the immigrants documents seem lost.
Besides that, it would be even more interesting for me to visit the region where my family lived and to know more about them to inform my family, specially because I'm the first person of my family to return to this side of the Atlantic ocean. :)
FernandoHellwig has attached the following file:



Location: Hamburg

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Monday, March 11th 2019, 6:51pm

Hello Fernando,
with regard to "Harthlow" I agree that there must be a misspelling. I guess that the spelling "Kartlow" might be right and found Kartlow (current name, not in the district of Cammin!) near Kruckow, county Vorpommern-Greifswald.…876!4d13.270775…icTRtdoYNny1FM:

Kind regards


Monday, March 11th 2019, 10:37pm

Hi Detlef05,

Thank you very much for the findings.
I want to believe it's a misspelling of Rartlow.

Do you know how to proceed? Should I write the church asking if they have registered the birth of Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Hellwig?
I see the e-mail on the website you sent.



Location: Hamburg

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Tuesday, March 12th 2019, 8:22am

Yes, Fernando,

that is my proposal. Put your question in a nutshell and don't write about the assumed misspelling.

Kind regards


Friday, September 6th 2019, 11:15pm

In my opinion, your ancestor was right and it is true that the grave is a mistake, but the town is Bartlewo formerly Bartelow in Pomerania, Schlawe district now Sławno. Most suited to the information that they were from Pomerania and the grandfather's note.
If you want more help, write to my e-mail

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