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Delightful Dukkie



Sunday, February 27th 2011, 8:10am

Bensch; Stripling/Striepling; Marin; Köske

Hallo alle,

Ich suche diese Nahmen meinen Vater's seite:

Otto Wilhelm BENSCH geb: 20OCT1885 Langstheerofen Friedeberg

*seine zweite ehefrau Anna Marie Sophie STRIPLING (St Petri Ev. Kirche Seehausen).

Kinder: Franz Stripling geb. c1916 Seehausen?

Otto Stripling geb. c1919 Seehuasen?

Karl Hans Stripling geb. c1920

Fritz Arthur BENSCH geb. 24 OCT 1927 Seehausen -1991 Australia

Wilhelmine Mathilde Bensch geb. 15 OCT 1929 Berlin

Werner Gerhard Bensch geb 1935 Berlin


Mathilde Emilie Amalie Marten geb.Bensch eheman = Johann Karl August MARTEN wahr Otto Bensch' Mutter und Vater.

Johann and Emilie Stripling; Fritz Bohn;

Dankeschön für Das Schauen

mit Grüsse :)

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Location: NSW Australia

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Sunday, June 28th 2015, 3:39am

Dagmar hat ein bischen gefunden:) aus Polen

Ein ROBERT BENSCH - verstobenen Vater von Mathilde Emilie Amalie Bensch und Auguste Bensch:
"Auguste hat angemeldet das Mathilde ein Sohn bekommen hatte = OTTO WILHELM BENSCH"

Auguste wahre geheratet mit Albert Frensch und Mathilde hat mit dem gewohnt. Mathlde kam aus Langs Teehofen Friedeberg.

Kann das alles stimmen;) ? :|

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Tuesday, June 30th 2015, 6:10pm

Bensch from Kreis Friedeberg (Neumark)

Guten Tag from Germany, "Delightful Dukkie" [what a funny name].

Go to where you can find two persons named BENSCH from Langs Teerofen. They probably belong to to your family.
You can also contact Herr Gschweng who takes care of this local database and forward all the information you have so that he can add it to the database. Maybe he can help you in some way.

Good luck with your further research.




Location: NSW Australia

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Friday, July 17th 2015, 8:00am

:danke: Willi:
LOL my "funny name" is a play on my given name Dagmar and the English spelling & phonetic duck ;) :)
thank you for this advice and yes these belong to me somehow - just have trials putting it together from my 'down under' country

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Wednesday, July 29th 2015, 3:07pm


Guten Tag Dagmar [duck],

thank you for explaining your nickname.

No idea if the following information is useful to you.

My grandfather Erich Paul Carl Beutler was baptised in the Schöneberger Kirche in Berlin on June 11, 1899.

His godparents were:
Fräulein Clara Bensch
Frau Salinger
Herr Wilhelm Schultz

Unfortunately there is no further information on them, and I don't know if they were related to my greatgrandparents in some way, neighbours or guests of my greatgrandfather who ran an inn at that time in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Greetings from a nice place on the Rhine to DownUnder,

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Thursday, July 30th 2015, 11:49am

Clara Bensch

Hi from Germany,

I found...

Bertha Clara BENSCH
* 25 Oct. 1885 at 4.00 am in Berlin-Neu Weißensee
Father: Gustav BENSCH, master blacksmith, residing at Neu Weißensee, Evangelical Lutheran
Mother: Pauline BENSCH née BEGAL, also residing at Neu Weißensee, Evangelical Lutheran
Marginal remark:
1) Her first marriage in 1912: Civil Registry Office Berlin 8, No. 929/1912
2) She died in 10 May 1972: Civil Registry Office Berlin-Charlottenburg, No. 1601/1972
Source: Births, Civil Registry Office Berlin-Weißensee, No. 345/1885

Her marriage:
Wilhelm Otto Paul DELORME
Insurance official, Evangelical Lutheran
* 16 Dec. 1884 in Berlin
residing at Tilsiter Straße 24, Berlin
Father: Friedrich Wilhelm DELORME, policeman, last residence and death in Berlin
Mother: Karoline Luise Auguste née RACHETTE, living in Berlin
Bertha Clara BENSCH, Evangelical Lutheran
* 25 Oct. 1885 in Berlin-Neu Weißensee
residing at Elbinger Straße 12, Berlin
Father: Inn-keeper Gustav BENSCH
Mother: Pauline BENSCH née BEGAL, both living in Berlin
oo 5 Oct. 1912 in Berlin
1) Inn-keeper Gustav BENSCH, 59 years old, residing at Elbinger Straße 12 [bride's father]
2) Postman Otto Matthewes, 33 years old, residing at Tilsiter Straße 24
Marginal remark:
Divorce on 3 Jan. 1923 in Berlin
Source: Marriages, Civil Registry Office Berlin VIII [8], No. 929/1912

I wonder if this Clara Bensch is the one who is my grandfather's sponsor in 1899. Otto Matthewes, by the way, was born in Segeletz near Neustadt (Dosse), Brandenburg, just a stone's throw from Hohenofen where my Beutler ancestors were from. This Otto was Clara's brother-in-law. Hope to find out if there is a relationship.




Location: NSW Australia

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Thursday, July 30th 2015, 11:49pm

Otto & Anna Bensch

Thank you Willi,
Sadly, the names don't have a place in my research - my Anna Marie Sophie Bensch nee Stripling had a sister (or a sister in law Bertha) and my grandfather was Otto Wilhelm Bensch and this was his second marriage.
Some decendants live in Spandau Berlin but have no information.
Regards Daggi (also from a lovely place but in Australia ;)



Location: NSW Australia

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Wednesday, February 1st 2017, 1:07am

Hallo Willi,

On re-reading your post, I am reconsidering your information. I recently came across some paperwork from my grandmother who may have had a sister called Clara?? do your have her parents/ or other hints that we could look at?