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Friday, December 9th 2011, 11:03am


I am looking for Familie Strehlau (Michael, Rudolf, Carl) in Danzig, Graudenz, Schwetz. Ich kann deutsch gut lesen aber nur mit Schwierigkeit schreiben.

David Strelan

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Saturday, December 10th 2011, 2:41pm


Hello David,

I remember that you have already posted a query at or, obviously without any success.

It would be really helpful if you there was more information on the persons you are looking for, such as age, place of birth, relationsships etc.

Have you already visited where you can search for your names in the "Einwohnerdatenbank" [huge database of West Prussian inhabitants and their descendants]? You can also post your query in the forum, even in English since many Germans understand some English.

I happened to find:

Anna, legitimate daughter of David STREHLAU, "Nachbar" [farmer] in Parsk, and his wife Eva née FRAGSTEIN was born was born on [cannot read date of birth > bad copy] 1778 in Parsk, Amt Graudenz, and baptized on [illegible date] 1778 in Graudenz. Sponsors were: 1) Johnn Flachsmeyer 2) "Jungfrau" [unmarried] Anna Huth 3) Johann Ketler 4) Maria Kettler [sic!]
Source: Evangelical Lutheran church book Graudenz, Kreis Graudenz, West Prussia, Baptisms 1778

Good luck in your further research!


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Sunday, December 11th 2011, 12:45pm

Thank you, Willi. Your English is excellent! I can read German OK, but writing German is not easy for me.

I have searched in several databases, ohne Erfolg!

Michael Strehlau was born in Gross Schwenten (near Schwetz) in 1799. He died at Gintro, Kreis Marienburg in 1873. His son Carl Theodor was born at Sackrau (near Graudenz) in 1842 and died in Hannover in 1903. Carl was the fifth child. I am looking for his brothers and/or sisters. I am interested in Rudolf who was a Stellmacher in Guteherberge, Danzig. I have a photo of Carl in Danzig in 1863 as a Stellmacher-geselle. Carl's mother Anna ELisabeth died at Guteherberge in 1885. Rudolf had a son called Carl Theodor Eduard, born 1864/5.

I think there must be a connection between Rudolf and my Urgrossvater Carl. Perhaps Rudolf was Carl's oldest brother. But the IGI says that Rudolf's father was Christian. I think this is a mistake. I have found the children of Christian in the Taufregister, but Rudolf is not there. The genealogist Helmut Strehlau has a list of Christian's children, but no Rudolf.


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Sunday, December 11th 2011, 2:25pm



have you already contacted Hans-Jürgen Kappel who collects dates of West Prussian people? Maybe he has some information on your Strehlaus. If you need his e-mail address let me know.



Monday, December 12th 2011, 5:50am

Thank you again, Willi. I contacted Herr Kappel in 2001. He was in charge of the "Westpreussenkartei des verstorbenen Helmut Strehlau". He sent me some information about Strehlaus from the Lauenburg district. But I could not make any connections between them and my Strehlau ancestors.

The email address I have for Herr Kappel is Is that the address you have?


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Wednesday, January 25th 2012, 1:19pm


Hi David,

sorry for my delayed answer. Yes, you are right. You can reach Herr Kappel at the address you mentioned. Not absolutely sure since he moved house last year.

Herr Wolf, by the way, recently updated his "Einwohnerdatenbank" at Maybe you can find some new information on your Strehlaus there.

Greetings from Köln

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Monday, January 30th 2012, 10:01am

Guten Tag, David,

there is a lady who is also in search of her Strehlau ancestors in West Prussia.

She sent me Civil Registry records:

a) Deaths
- Albert Strehlau
+ 8 October 1897 in Bingsdorf, Kreis Graudenz
aged 7 months
Parents: Gustav Strehlau and Bertha née Malinowski
- Helene Auguste Strehlau
+ 9 July 1901 in Bingsdorf, Kreis Graudenz
aged 3 months
Parents: Gustav Strehlau and Bertha née Malinowski
- Hedwig Anna Strehlau
+ 18 April 1904 in Bingsdorf, Kreis Graudenz
aged 4 weeks
Parents: Gustav Strehlau and Berta née Malinowski
- Erich Oskar Strehlau
+ 5 January 1908 in Bingsdorf
aged 3 weeks
Parents: see below
- Elisabeth Strehlau née Buhse
+ 20 March 1908 in Bingsdorf, Kreis Graudenz
aged 76 yrs, 2 mths, 19 days
daughter of Georg Buhse and his wife Anna née Freudig
Informant: Gustav Strehlau, residing in Bingsdorf
b) Births
- Erich Oskar Strehlau
* 15 December 1907 in Bingsdorf, Kreis Graudenz
Parents: Gustav Strehlau and Berta née Malinowski

If interested let me know your e-mail address by PN [private message] and I will forward it to Sylvia.

Best regards,