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Saturday, January 31st 2015, 3:43pm

Eckhorst - need help to find relative


I have found some info about my relatives in this wedding info:,5094235

My german is not that good, so I can't decipher it all.

As far as I can read, the farther and mother of the grom (wich should be Joachim) Johann Heinrich Heehl and xxxxx Magdalene? lives in Eckhorst at the time of the wedding.
As there are a few Eckhorst in Germany, I presume it might be this part of Germany, since they have conections to Flensburg and Holbøl in Denmark.

If for som reason the picture doesn't show, the link to it is:…feat=directlink

Can anyone help me on where to look, to find out more on theese two people? - mostly Johann, since I'm looking for the Heel/Heehl part of the family.



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Saturday, January 31st 2015, 6:40pm

Hello Maria,

I read and translate:
Son of the worker/labourer Johann Heinrich Hehl
and his wife Magdalene Catharine
Hehl née Wichman resident
in Echorst.

I guess Echorst is misspelled, no Echorst or Eckorst in Schleswig-Holstein. But you are right: there are 4 Eckhorst:
zip:23617/ community: Stockendorf/ railroad station: Lübeck
25767/Offenbüttel/ Albersdorf.

Kind regards


Saturday, January 31st 2015, 7:10pm

geb. I guess means born.
What does née mean?

I search the cityname Eckhorst here:

Then this picture comes:

The one I marked, I read as in Schleswie-Holstein, but I do not quite know what the different things mean.

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Sunday, February 1st 2015, 10:48am

Hello Maria,

you are more or less right: the German abbreviation "geb." is meaning "geborene" (feminine!). English "born" is meaning German "geboren". German "geborene" is meaning English "née" (or simplified "nee"). "née" is adapted from French language.

The requested "different things" are (I hope that is what you want to get translated):
Name = place name
Typ = typology/classification (here no cities but hamlets or parts of hamlets)
Übergeordnete Objekte = political structure from hamlet up to country
Postleitzahl = zip
GOV-Kennung = signature of the genealogical gazetteer.

Looking for details I found that my earlier proposals

are meaning the same hamlet close to Güby. I am convinced that that is the one you are looking for.

Kind regards



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Sunday, February 1st 2015, 11:05am


ein Eckhorst liegt bei Stockelsdorf, nicht Stockendorf.
Viele Grüße
Henriette :)



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Tuesday, February 3rd 2015, 9:23pm

Hej Maria,

in the marriage record stands that Johann Heinrich Hehl was born in Renhefeld.
Renhefeld is a mispelling of Rensefeld.
That means that the right Eckhorst is that near Stockelsdorf!
I am not sure about the archive you have to write to. I think it is in Gleschendorf:…henkreises.html

Liebe Grüsse


Saturday, February 21st 2015, 1:16pm

Thank you all for helping =). I'm sorry it took me forever to recheck this site.

I will try to contact the people that Ursula linked to.

Thanks again