Fröhner in Dresden

  • Für einen Familienforscher aus Brasilien setzte ich folgende Suche hier ins Forum:

    My name is Juliano Froehner (froehner[ät] and [EMAIL]froehner[ät][/EMAIL]) , living in São Paulo, Brazil, and I have been trying to put the Fröhner family tree together. If anyone happens to know anything about the Fröhner family in Sachsen (especially Grossolbersdorf and Dresden), I appreciate a lot the help!

    I do not have much information, and I gladly accept any hint, suggestion or tip you may have for me. This is that I know so far:

    1) Carl Gottfried Fröhner was a socks/stockings maker in Grossolbersdorf (near Zschospau, Chemnitz region) and was born around 1817. He had at least 5 children, and it is known that his fifth child was Benjamin Fröhner;

    2) Benjamin Fröhner got married to Anna Maria Hempel at the Lutheran church of Dresden (Church of the Cross, old city of Dresden) on Oct. 02, 1859 and was a food dealer/distributor in Dresden. He was considered dead, as he disappeared. One of Benjamin's sons was Paul Edmund Fröhner;

    3) Paul Edmund Fröhner (he appears in some documents as Edmund Fröhner) was born in Dresden on Aug 10,1861, got baptized as a Lutheran on Sept 08,1861 (Annenkirche, Dresden, Seevorstadt) and got married to Anna Maria Wagner in Döbeln, SN on Febr 26,1883. Both lived at Waldheimstrasse 598 in Döbeln, where he worked as a Klempner in the city of Döbeln, SN and then as a Wertführer in the city of Magdeburg, where they lived for a while (Tauentzienstrasse 2. H2, currently Liebigstraße). After that, they immigrated to Brazil via the Hanseatischen Kolonien Hammonia. Paul Edmund and Anna Maria, along with their eight children - Georg (15), Elza (14), Max (10), Margarete (08), Jenny (07), Gerhard (05), Johannes (03) e Antonie (3 1/4) - took the ship Desterro in Hamburg and arrived in Brazil at the São Francisco do Sul Harbor on July 28, 1900.

    Well, I know I am just in the beginning of my research, and I have been having problems in finding brothers, sisters, uncles and so on, and that is why I just have "vertical" data (son, father, grandfather, great-grandfather...). Therefore, I have not been able to link my tree to any other Fröhner tree .

    I am sorry my German language is not good enough for me to put it to use.

    Thank you so much

    es wäre schön, wenn ihm jemand helfen könnte. Ich habe zwar Fröhner im Stammbaum meines Mannes, diese kommen aber aus Oberkirchen im Saarland und kann keine Verbindung zu den Fröhners aus Dresden herstellen. :help:

    herzlichen Dank schon mal


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