Where are my topics ??

  • Where are my replies ?? .. I know I had one, somewhere ... ?
    How do I find a particular thread again ?

    The easiest way to find any previous postings which you have written in, is to go to your profile,
    where you will find a box labelled General Information

    the entry: Posts xx (0.82 Posts per Day) is a link to a list of all your postings.

    If you have so many postings, that it is difficult to find the specific one you are searching for,
    then try searching the forum:

    At the top-right of each page is a search-box.
    Enter the word or phrase you are searching for and click on the green arrow ('Go!') on the right.
    The result will be a list of every topic where your search term appears

    If there are still too many results, then try the Advanced Search option.
    To the left of the search box is a magnifying glass.
    Click on this and a drop-down menu will appear.
    select the Advanced Search option.
    Here you can also enter the forum name of the author (yourself !).

    The list of results will now only include those posts which you have written.
    Further options are searching by relevance, date or subject, and within a given time frame.

    A tip: You can check new posting on the forum by clicking unread posts on the drop-down menu for the search box.
    Very handy, as this can be done from whichever page you are currently looking at :)