Replying to a topic

  • At the top right and bottom right of each topic you will see a "Reply / Antworten" button.
    Click on this button when you want to add a reply to this topic.

    At the bottom of each answer you will see these buttons:

    Edit (Bearbeiten) : click here if you wish to edit your reply.
    This is useful if you post a reply and then notice that you've made an error. But don't change too much, otherwise the following replies and contributions may not make sense.

    Report (Melden) : Click here only if you wish to make a complaint about the contents of this posting.
    Please use this function only for Spam, Advertising and other problematic texts (racism, aggression, sexissm or other insulting contents).
    The complaint will be sent to the board moderator, who will deal with it as soon as possible.
    As the moderator may not be online for a while, if you don't get an answer soon, then please contact the site administration.
    (see Topic: Moderators)

    Quote (Zitieren) : click here if you wish to quote all or part of this reply in your answer.