Strassburg, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany

  • I have a Johann George Weibel born abt 1690 of Wanzenau, Strassfurg, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany. Can anyone provide me with guidance and/or information about him and his family


    Dave Wyble

    Ich habe hier einen Johann George Weibel, geboren um 1690 in Wanzenau, Straßburg, Elsaß-Lothringen, Deutschland. Kann mir irgendwer hier mit Rat oder Informationen über ihn und seine Familie weiterhelfen?

    Vielen Dank,

    Dave Wyble

  • Hi Dave

    Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, belongs know to France, so you have to search there.
    But in history there were times, in which Alsace-Lorraine belonged to Germany.

    Here is a list of all "Archives départementales" of France.

    You have to search in the "Archive départementale" Bas Rhin in Strasbourg.

    Here you can find a volunteer who can do the research for you.

    But the Archive in Strasbourg is moving to a new building
    in the next two months, so it is closed for a several time.

    I think we also have two or three members in our forum who are Alsaciens.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Hello Dave

    At the moment I'm looking at the Website of la Wantzenau, the village is situated 12km north of Strasbourg
    near the Rhine. The people who lived there were fishers and farmers at the time your ancestor lived there.
    The village is mentionned in the years 1211 and 1381 and belonged to the abbey Honau. In 1468 it was an own
    parish. There were any battles in 1447, 1592, 1622 and 1793, so the village has to suffer pillage and devastation.

    Falls es sonst noch jemanden interessiert, hier die Übersetzung:

    Ich habe gerade die Website von la Wantzenau angeschaut. Das Dorf liegt 12 km nördlich von Strassburg in
    der Nähe des Rheins. Die dortigen Bewohner waren Fischer und Bauern, als Daves Vorfahre dort lebte.
    Das Dorf wird erstmals genannt in den Jahren 1211 und 1381 und gehörte zur Abtei Honau. Ab 1468 war es
    eine eigene Pfarrei. Es gab Kriege um 1447, 1592, 1622 und 1793 und das Dorf wurde geplündert und verwüstet.