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  • hi

    Looking for infromation on gmach in grafenkirchen, birkmuhl, rotz, englmuhl, cham distric and surrounding areas or muchen espally working in the mulh (mills) wether wood, flour, but all gmach information requird.

    also looking for Anna Bandl and family from munchen. or any family conctions to the gmach or baudl families.

    My gran is a gmach and her father came from muchen germany but marraid in england.

    His father was Ludwig Theodore Gmach and he married Anna Baudl in muchen . but was from near Rötz, Cham, Bayern Germany so looking for any gmach. I also have information that can be shared.

    Ich suche Information über GMACH in Grafenkirchen, Birkmuhl, Rotz, Englmuhl, Cham und umliegenden Bereiche oder München, insbeonders wenn sie in Mühlen arbeiten - ob Holz oder Mehl - aber alle GMACH Information erwünscht.

    Such auch Anna BAUDL und ihre Familie aus München, oder jegliche Verbindungen zu den GMACH oder BAUDL Familien.

    Meine Oma ist eine GMACH und ihr Vater kam aus Mänchen, aber hat in England geheiratet.

    Ihr Vater war Ludwig Theodore Gmach und er heiratete Anna Baudl in München, war aber von Rötz, Cham, Bayern Germany, deshalb such ich jedwede GMACH-Information. so looking for any gmach. Ich habe auch GMACH Informationen, die ich weitergeben kann.

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  • looking for more information on bandl of munchen germany.

    i have a Anna Maria Bandl born munchen 12 Jun 1857 and married a theodor (ludwig) Gmach some time before 1885.

    can anyone help.


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  • Hi Tim,

    I have merged your two queries about BRANDL. There is very little information available online in Germany,
    so unless someone here in the forum is also researching BRANDL then there is very little chance of receiving any new information.

    Your best possibility now is to write to the addresses given in the Link above (Geburts und Heratsurkunden).
    I posted a translation of this reply on your RootsChat topic.

    Try writing to them in english, first, and if you have any difficulties, let us know and maybe we can help with translations.

    Good luck,

  • Hallo Tim,

    am 22.07.1901 heiratet in Roding eine Rosa Gmach *05.02.1879 in Sperlmühle, Tochter des Müllers Georg Gmach und Theresia Francis
    den Schriftsetzer Alois Steffl *04.12.1875 in Roding, Sohn des Maurers Andreas Steffl und Anna Maria Neidl aus Roding

    Gruß Konni

  • thank you for the information on the gmach i am sure there part same familiy and i have a number of Georg Gmach but can't seem to place this one at the moment so please could you give me more information or parents ect and anything else you have on gmach family.

    and where is roding is it anywhere near birkmuhl rotz or cham