will translation please

  • i need a translation of this will of rosalie lechner (Gmach) epalley any family member sons daughter ect thank you for you help


    Ich brauche eine Übersetzung dieses Testaments von Rosalie Lechner (Gmach) Epalley irgendwelche Familienmitglieder, Söhne, Töchter, usw. Danke für eure Hilfe


    [Blocked Image: http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/718/roslechnergmachwill050.jpg
    [Blocked Image: http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/8739/roslechnergmachwill2051.jpg
    [Blocked Image: http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/4632/roslechnergmachwill3052.jpg]

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  • Hello Tim,

    here is my translation (part I, rest later):

    We, the married couple Franz & Rosalie Lechner having signed below, München [= Munich], Asamstr.11/II, are fixing the following mutual

    Last Will

    I) We appoint each other a heir. The surviving part should come into the part of the first dying part under the condition that he can dispose unlimited of this inheritance like of own assets.
    II) After the death of the at least dying part the inheritance should be shared as follows:
    1.) Ludw[ig] Theod[or] Gmach, managing director in England, Hampton on Thames [?], Pucks Corner, or, if he will be no more alive, his matrimonial children should get:
    the estate in Munich, Baaderstr. 80, p[lan/lot] no. 11589 of the Local Court of Munich
    2.) Maira Gmach, currently in the protectory Taufkirchen ... Vila Legro:
    the care organisation in this regard should get under the precondition that the invalid will have good maintenance up to her natural death (better than the currently usual primitive care in Taufkirchen), what the other listed heirs have to supervise (by oftener visits) M 5000.-/five thousand marks.
    3.) Maria Oberlander, Munich, Herzogstr. 18/IV
    Anni Lechner, Berching, Oberpf[alz] [= Upper Palatinate]
    Gertraud Wermuth, Munich, Asamstr. 11/[?]
    Katharina Eisner, Bubing, P. Weidenbach
    Rosa Wackerl, Oberstdorf in Allg[aeu]
    Sabine Streb, Berching, Oberpf[alz] [= Upper Palatinate]
    should get:

    Kind regards
    PS: If you have any problem with my translation don´t hesitate to contact me.

  • Hello Tim,

    here is my translation of part II(=sheet 2 +3):

    a) lot & cabin in Baierbrunn 1 Isartal [= valley of the Isar; Isar = confluent of the river Danube], plan/lot no. 33 of the Local Court of Wolfratshausen
    b) the forwarding company Franz Lechner, Munich Asamstr. 11 with vehicles and equipment
    c) the automobile
    d) the existing liquid funds/money, currently at Dresdner Bank subsidiary Frauenhoferstr.: M 9.500,- cash, M 3000,- time deposit, M 3000,- Deutsches Reich treasury obligations, 2000,- M shares hydorelectric power plant and M 572,- cash at the savings bank Ohlmüllerstr. and in the bag in the anti aircraft suitcase M 2000,-. Minus the M 5000,- care for Marie Gmach it is in grand total about M 15.000,- fifteen thousand marks.
    e) the furnishing, clothes, dresses & suits, jewelry etc.
    f) the currently existing bank account at the Dresdner Bank in Munich, Frauenhoferstr. "Rosa Lechner 53036 ordinaria" is owned by brother Theod. Gmach in England and Rosa Lechner is only the trustee. In the inheritance there is a water color (Wernerberg [= painter], carnival [= title]) and sportsdresses & sport shoes about 3 pairs. These objects are belonging to the family Gmach, England, and are to be forwarded to them.

    If the property Baaderstr. 80 will get totally or largely meritless by war, the heirs under II 1 should get the lot & and cabin in Baierbrunn including furnishing, beds & crockery. In the case of sale the heirs under II 1 have the purchase option for a preferential price.

    Several high-necked good dresses and warm lingery, aprons, a number of pairs of stockings, a complete bed, a canvas chair should be given to Marie Gmach, protectory.
    And the other heirs should visit Maria Gmach oftener, with gift-parcels.
    Traudl Schmid, Ottobrunn, Putzbrunnerstr., should get the Venetian vase as a keepsake and two complete beddings (2 bed sheets and covers, 4 pillows, 2 feather duster, new).
    Haensi Binder should get as a keepstake uncle Franz´(his godfather´s) golden watch including 18 carat chain.
    Hilde ...Burger should get the oval madonna-picture (jewelry) as a specific keepsake.
    Ottl Streb should get the Zeiss-spyglas.

    In Rätz [Rötz?] , Upper Palatinate, we are owning a small forest-property. It originates from family Gmach, paternal. This should be given back to parental home Anton Preis or to his heirs in Rätz [Rötz?] in Upper Palatinate, as it was promised. A letter for Anton Preis, Rätz [Rötz?], is bailed in the anti aircraft suitcase.

    This mutual last will will get totally effectless, if our conjugal will be devorced before our death by one of us or will be declared invalid or will be canceled.

    Munich, 3rd of October 1944
    Rosalie Lechner

    The above last is also my last will.
    Munich, 3rd of October 1944

    Franz Lechner

    Kind regards

  • Dear Tim,
    the painting could be of Brynolf Wennerberg, who was rather famous due to the fact that a lot of paintings could be found printed in the Simplicissimus, a wide spread satirical paper in Munich. Details about Brynolf Wennerberg you can find in Wikipedia.
    Regards from