need help in Rötz, Cham, Bayern, Germany

  • hi

    i am looking for any gmach but two espally Andreas Gmach born in 02 Aug 1851 also his brother Josef Gmach born in 1861 and any other brothers or sisters i think they were all born in Rötz, Cham, Bayern, Germany but not sure and as i live in england and can't get there need someone to help me out and check for me.

    thank you for your help


  • Hallo Tim,

    this anwer is late, and I am not sure how I can help you. Anyway, the local phone register lists two Gmach in Rötz, and the name is not so very common, so they might be descendants fo the family you search for. If you are still interested I could call them up and ask if they want to get it touch with you. To investigate further about Andreas and Joseph, you need someone to check in the Church Archive in Regensburg, or enquire there, google for Erzbischöfliches Zentralarchiv Regensburg. They do research, but charge fees. Good Luck!

  • hi

    thanks for the info have been off the site for long time but yes would love you to find out if there intrested in getting into contact with me but in past have contacted a few people from the area.

    i have a large number of gmach all over this area espally working in the mills encluding rotz for over 300 years

    thank you tim

  • Hallo Tim,

    I called up one family, the lady I talked to was friendly and knew that Gmach were millers, and some family members emigrated to England, and Swizerland, too. She said her son speaks English.

    Their phone number (from Germany) ...

    (I decided to remove it from public view and send it via PM)

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