Searching for living people

  • This is a family history forum, i.e. we are searching for ancestors.

    Some members have registered here hoping to find living people - father, brother, cousins, etc - with whom they have lost contact. Others say they were adopted, and are now searching for their birth-parents and family.

    We cannot help you in this search. The Data Protection Laws in Germany are very strict about publishing data of living people., so we must delete any such references we find, or sometimes, even the whole topic.

    How you may be able to continue with your searches:

    • Internet search engines. Simply enter "adopted" and "searching and the name you are searching. Often you will find websites which can help you further. Others searching for the same names can exchange experiences, useful links, etc.

      But please be careful: There are many sites which will offer you instant success. Please approach such sites carefully. We cannot give any advice, which sites are good or not, and many may just be trying to lure unsuspecting visitors into parting with their cash or personal details.

      Read the "small print" carefully (often hidden or in a small font on a dark background)

    Please remember: finding living relatives may be a very emotional, traumatic experience.

    • Some people may have disappeared for specific reasons and don't wish to be found;
    • Others may have no idea of the existence of other branches of the family, especially if there was any hint of scandal involved.
    • With adoptions: the birth-parents had their reasons, and now, although some may be pleased to be re-united, others will not.
      Here in particular, only work through official channels and mediators rather than simply confronting people who you believe to be related.