Naegeli, Schraemli Family Research

  • I am researching my father-in-laws family and they come from Buelach, Canton Zurich, Switzerland (the Naegeli's) and also Hettlingen,
    Zurich, Switzerland (the Schraemli's). If anyone has any information, please contact me at

    Thank you,

    Sandi Naegele (Naegeli)

  • Hi Sandy

    For the Nägeli's and Schrämli's of the Canton Zurich you should look at the
    state archives of the Canton Zurich which is partially online here:
    Staatsarchiv Zürich Online Suchportal

    In your other thread (in the presentation subforum) you mentionned
    also the familyname Bosshard, where did they come from? This name
    has many writing variations like Bosshard(t), Bossard(t), Bossart, Bossert.

    If you don't know where a swiss name came from, you can look at
    the swiss surnames book, which list for all names their citicenship.