Neckarwimmersbach, Eberbach, in 1850

  • Partial list of attendees at a religious meeting at Neckarwimmersbach, Eberbach, Grand Duchy of Baden, on 27 Dec. 1850:

    Addressing (i.e., preaching to) the “assembly” was “old Mr. Wesch of Blittersbach,” implied to be a local “parson.”

    Present at the entry of the house, but not inside the “assembly,” were Henry Mayers, a naturalized citizen & resident of Baltimore County, Maryland (but a native of Neckarwimmersbach) and an unnamed teacher of Eberbach.

    Within the “assembly” were included these inhabitants of Neckarwimmersbach:
    Georg Peter Rupp
    Michael Wettig
    Ludwig Neidig
    Johann Georg Leutz
    Georg Peter Salzmann
    Johann Georg Nix
    Franz Heist
    Wilhelm Dufrin
    Philipp Salzmann
    the wife of the shoemaker Peter Lenz
    Lisetta Zimmermann
    widow Michael Edelmann
    widow Johann Georg Munch
    Anna Lisbetha Seipp

    Mr. Mayers was jailed by the Amtmann at Eberbach for allegedly preaching to the “assembly” without having the proper authority to do so, and the attendees listed above were said to be witnesses who could vouch for his “having entered the room only when the assembly dispersed.”

    Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Record Group 59, Department of State general records; M44 - Diplomatic Despatches from Prussia; Volume/Film Roll No. 7, Despatch No. 20 from Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary Daniel D. Barnard to U.S. Secretary of State Daniel Webster.

  • This Henry Mayers is my 3rd-great grandfather, born in 1806, likely in Neckarwimmersbach. Georg Peter Salzmann is probably a relative through marriage, as Henry's wife's name was Maria Margaretha Salzmann, born 1816 in nearby Eberbach. She gave birth to 14 sons and no daughters. The family lived in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and had a large farm. Five of the sons fought in the American Civil War, 1861-1865, four on the Union side and one Confederate.