Soviet Prisoner of War. Germany-Belgium

  • My great-grandfather Grachev Nikolay (1911-1970) was mobilised to the soviet army on June 29 1941.

    7 September, 1941 - was captured in the district of Chernigov.

    Until October, 1942 was in a POW camp in Krasny Bereg, Gomel region, Belorussia.

    January 11, 1943 - August 25, 1944 - working in a coal mine at Liege (or Luttich) in Belgium.

    August 25, 1944 evacuated to Germany into Ahlen camp. From there he escaped along with another POW on March 5, 1945.

    Belgians found them in a forest and hide untill the end of war. The names of the citizens of Belgium, unfortunately, are unknown.

    11/12 June 1945 transferred to Soviet troops.

    Aug. 29, 1946 - demobilized and sent home.

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    I have sent a request to the Red-cross (UPD: negative result), and to Liege and Ahlen archives.

    I would appreciate any useful links of sourses where i could get more details of my grandfather's story in Belgium coal mine and Ahlen camp.

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  • Detlef,

    googling is the first thing i usually do when searching for information.

    I happened to think this is a forum where people might be familiar with resourses more specific than

    thank you for your advice anyway

    Danke schön


  • I received a letter from
    They are sorry, but have not found any information regarding my request.

    So, no trace has beeen found in Europe yet.

  • Hi Pavel,

    did you check the Online-Platform about your great-grandfather? I don't know if there are also information about surviving prisoners.
    Otherwise you should ask the Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence (TsAMO) in Podolsk (…ssian_Ministry_of_Defence)

    As far as i know the Red Army transfered the POW-Documents about Russian prisoners to the archive in Podolsk. You can also ask the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) ( in Germany. They file many documents about foreign prisoners in german hands (not only about these who killed there).

    Good luck,

    best regards,

  • Thank you, Alex!
    Obd was the first resourse I checked. The problem is that Grachev is a very popular name. I could not find any valuable document in this base.

    I recently received the interrogations of my N.Grachev of group "Smersh" after he was transfered back to Soviet army. Podolsk is still quite - i sent them the letter almost a year ago. Thats how they work. I recently received an answer on another relative after 15 months!!