Looking information of surname Vogt;Frenz;Trettin;Stock

  • My Great Great Grandfather was Heinrich Carl Wilhelm Vogt,born 16
    Apr.1856 in Wollin,Pommern.His father Carl Ludwig Vogt and mother
    Ernestina Maria (Trettin?).

    Heinrich Carl Wilhelm Vogt emigrated to Estonia in about 1870.He married
    in Estonia to Auguste Frenz,born 1855 in Stettin.Shes father August
    Frenz and mother Elwine (Stock?).

    Auguste Frenz had sister Bertha Frenz,Bertha married to Hokan Anderson in Estonia.

    That is all what I know.Can anybody help me about Vogt and Frenz families in Pommern

  • Hi Jaanus,
    I found this couple:
    O. Friedrich AUGUST FRENZ *about 1827, 1855 living in Leussin, his father Johann died in Granzow/Cammin, married in Colzow September 14, 1855 to ELWINE Christine Friederike STOCK, born about 1832, 1855 living and working in Leussin, her father Friedrich works in Leussin.

    May 10, 1856 their daughter Marie Friederike Auguste FRENZ was born in Codram, late at 11 o'clock

    No additional information at this moment available.

    Hope it helped