Justizrath -What does it mean?

  • My great-grand father Johann Friedrich Rötger was Justizrath Regierungs und Landgerichtsadvokat in Glückstadt.I couldn't find a translation for this expression.Who can help me to understand it? Is there someone who can help me to find his father,also referred as"Justizrath Rötger"?

    Thank you very much

  • In german language there is one and the same word for council and for councillor. ("Rat" or the older spelling "Rath")
    Your great-grandfather of course was a councillor. In his case he was a sort of judicial officer. (Justizrat)

    Regierungsadvokat means an advocate/lawyer who advised and represented the gouvernment in juridical questions and affairs.

    A Landgerichtsadvocat was an advocate/lawer who was licenced to represent defendants at a "Landgericht". Today that would mean a district court, but in old times it could also be the highest court of a land.


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