Militär Kirchenbuch in welchem Archiven liegt?

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    In welchem Archiv würde das Militärkirchenbuch für das Jahr 1834 für das 4. Artillerie-Brigade Kon. Preussen Armee (Magdeburgishes) befinden? Die FHL Mormonenkirche nur über langjährige1825-1826 auf Mikrofilm. Gibt es eine Regimentsgeschichte für das 4. Artillerie-Brigade?
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    In which Archive would the Military Church Book for the year 1834 for the 4th Artillerie Brigade, Royal Prussian Army (Magdeburgishes) be located? The FHL Mormon church only has years 1825-1826 on microfilm. Is there a regimental history available for the 4th Artillery Brigade?
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  • Hi Michael,

    here are the info to the military church records for the 4. Artillerie-Brigade from "Verzeichnis der Militärkirchenbücher in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Stand:30.09.1990" from Wolfgang Eger. But I don't know if the index is complete.

    Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz (GStA PK)
    Archivstraße 12 - 14
    D-14195 Berlin

    Archivnr. 999
    Filmnr. 13004 Teil 2
    Magdeburg. Art.-Brig. Nr. 4
    Tf. 1849-1868
    Tr. 1859-1868
    Tote 1860-1868
    Konf. 1862-1868
    alphabet. Register Tf., Tr., Tote

    Archivnr. 2107
    Filmnr. 13044 Teil 2
    Art.-Brig. Nr. 4 (4. und 5. Art.-Brig.)
    Tr., Tote 1816-1824
    Komm. 1816

    Then i have also an entry for the 4. Art.Brig. but i don't know if this the same one.

    Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche von Westfalen
    Bethelplatz 2
    D- 33617 Bielefeld

    Archivnr. Bestand 6,2
    Art.-Brigade 4
    Tf, Tr., Tote 1829-1832

    Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche im Rheinland
    Hans-Böckler-Str. 7
    40476 Düsseldorf

    Archivnr. II/A 1
    3. Abt. der 4. Art.-Brig.
    Tf., Tr., Tote 1925

    So you see, there is no entry for the year 1834. But I can also search for the church records of the Garnison if you know this place.

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  • Hello Alex:
    Thank you for replying. My problem is complicated. But here are the facts (which are scattered about on many other threads throughout this forum):

    The 2nd Reitenden Kompanie, 4th Artillery Brigade of the Royal Prussian Army (Magdeburgisches) was garnisoned in the small town of Tennstedt, Kr. Langensalza, Prov. of Saxony from 1832 to 1841 after which it relocated to Naumburg. The Military Kirchenbuch for the 4th Art. Brigade did exist but many years of registers may be lost. The FHL Mormon LDS Church has 2 microfilms: FHL INTL 1343689 for 1825-1826 Taufen, Heiraten, Tote and FHL INTL 1343683 for the 4th Handwerk Kompanie Taufen 1851-1865 and Heiraten, Tote 1852-1866 for Tennstedt. It was filmed at the National Staatsarchiv in Potsdam in 1984. You list other years held at the GStA PK in Berlin. So the question (to the GStA PK) is what happened to these other missing volumes? Probably destroyed in WW 2 ?

    My GG Grandfather was born/baptized in 1834 in Tennstedt. I have a copy of the Ev. Luth. Kirchenbuchduplikat entry that shows him as a fatherless, illegitimate child with 3 witnesses to his baptism- one a family member, one an Oberfeuerwerker from Berlin and the other a Hoboist from Hildesheim. I can only presume these later 2 were military personnel and possibly from the 4th Art. Brigade. Neither are commissioned officers so they are not recorded in the Rang und Quartierliste series of books.

    It may be possible that this baptism was recorded in the Military Kirchenbuch but many people have discounted that theory as they believe that a child's baptism would only be recorded once. BUT, I have proof that the mother of this child was married in 1824 in Großrudestedt, Weimar (Kirchenbuch entry) and the marriage was also registered in the KIrchenbuch St. Marien, Mühlhausen\Thüringen, home of the bride. So can the same not be possible for a child in a military baptism- in 2 separate registers? Why not? Thats my theory.

    But then the first problem is to try and locate the 1834 MilitärKirchenbuch for the Magdeburgisches 4th Art. Brigade. That may be impossible. Perhaps I hope too much.

    Any comments are appreciated. Thank you.

  • To Jens: vielen danke für Ihre Antwort.

    Just today I have found a History of the 4th Artillery Brigade on Google Books.
    Geschichte des Feldartillerie-Regiments Prinzregent Luitpold von Bayern (Magdeburgisches). Bernhard von Rogge. 1898 Berlin. E.S. Mittler & Sohn.

    This book only has a snippet view online but using this on pages 447 and 471 reveal Feld. Franke and Kan. Gottfr. Franke... listed in the history. The Oberfeuerwerker I referred to in my previous post was Gottfried FRANKE. Is he the same man as recorded in von Rogge's book? Is anyone able to find this book in their library to help me?
    Thanks again.

  • Michael,
    oh yes - your are right! Sorry, I've forgot the earlier years (for unit-names)! Ok,the Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Prinz-Regent Luitpold von Bayern (Magdeburgisches) Nr.4!
    Here you will find some informations: And I'm sorry I don't have the regimental history from the FAR4!
    ;) Best regards,