• Hi everyone I'm Dee from Texas,USA I am here to research the Haas family from Wuerttemberg , who came to the us and settled in new York and new jersey in the 1800's. My GGG grandfather name was Henry Haas born 1833 in wuerttemberg he arrived in the us before 1870 but I have 19 different naturalization documents for Henry Haas between 1840-1870 and I have no idea which one is him or even if I have his document unfortunetly the us naturalization records I have don't have birth dates only trade address sponsor year of request and birthace and name ,my GGG grandfather settled in Newark New Jersey , he lived in a predominantly Jewish-German neighborhood with many other haas families and other families from wuerttemberg , similar neighborhoods exsist in new York , the haas families in the us are numerous , and they all use the same small group of first names over and over , such as Henry , George , fredrich , Christian , Elizabeth , Mary ... I know nothing of wuerttemberg culture and I'm very interested in it's history and why so many came to The US both before and after the German revolution , my GG grandmother ( youngest daughter of Henry Haas ) may have been disowned by her father becouse her first husband was Chinese , on the 1920-1950 us census records she denied she was German , but her birth records state fathers birthplace wuerttemberg Germany , I would love to know who henry's parents would have been , and why he came to the us , and I welcome any info and advice , I also would love to make a tree of all Haas families who came to the us and how they are related , as I understand how very difficult it is to research this family .

    Sincerely Dee

  • Dear Dee,

    you found 19 Henry Haas being naturalized in the US, and there should be dozends more in Germany. You have to find a starting point within your own family papers, e. g. a registration of birth, marriage or death, and then work backward. FindAGrave, FamilySearch and other organisations offer free sites, and with a little luck you find the right Henry Haas. Without any specific further infos, your chance to trace his German ancestors is close to none.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, Dee (and unregistered hhg). There are some Haases in my family tree. Not sure if we are related. Have you found any more specifics about Henry? Let me know...thanks!

  • Hi Dee,

    I also have some ancestors with the name Haas in Nürtingen, Württemberg. But it is quite a common Geman surname and I guess your search for Henry is like finding the needle in the haystack. Nevertheless, it might be possible. Especially ancestry offers a great amount of church records from Württemberg that are available with a free sign-up.

    You might be aware of this, just wanted to mention it if not: Better search for Heinrich Haas or Johann Heinrich Haas what would have been his birth name before he changed it to Henry.

    Can you, by any change, specify the place in Württemberg where he was from?

    On the website "Deutsche Auswanderer", I also found quite a few Heinrich Haas who emmigrated from Germany in the mentioned period of time:

    Best Regards,