Wilnaer Geminde / Vilna Parish

  • Hallo,

    My Father, August Peter Woldemar Goettling was:
    born 1908 Slutsk, Minsk, Belarus
    baptized: 1908 in the Wilnaer Gemeinde" by Pastor Liess. Evangelical-Lutheran

    Is there any source of Pastors of that time in the Vilna Parish?
    Who would have these records today, do you think? (I've already done the Raduraksti records available - no luck)



    Imported quality: Made in Germany, born in NY. ;)

  • Hallo Kira,
    you'll find the records probably here:
    Lietuvos Valstybes Istorijos Archyvas
    Valstybes biudzetine istaiga
    Gerosios Vilties g. 10
    03134 Vilnius
    Email: istorijos.archyvas@lvia.lt

    As far as I know there was at the time only one Evangelical-Lutheran church. I did all the correspondence in English and per Email. If the record is not there, they'll tell you, were you will find it.