Hochstadt Bavaria Fritsch/Kastner

  • I am looking for information on my ancestors and I think they are from Bavaria maybe Hochstadt? Can anyone let me know if I am looking in the right place?

    Karoline Friedericke Auguste Fritsch *30,07,1839 married Christian Bernhard Kastner *15,08,1830 on 26,04,1863

    kinder: Minnie (Wilhelmine?) Kastner Bruhle was married and did not come to US

    Albertine Hulda Kastner *27,10,1867

    Augusta Wilhelmine Selinda Kastner *04,06,1872

    Paul Otto or Otto Paul Kastner *24,10,1875

    Charles Kastner

    Clara Kastner 08,06,1879

    Christian Bernhard Kastner did not come to US with Karoline (Frieda) Kastner, maybe she was a widow? I would like to know what happened to him and daughter Minnie and if she has decendants. Karoline and her other children traveled to US in 1882 or 1883 to live near her brother Frederich Theodore Fritsch *12,05,1841 he came to Illinois, US between 1865-1867.

    If anyone has any information on the Fritsch and Kastner families I would greatly appreciate any ancestry information available. I will be traveling to Germany in October 2011 to visit their homeland and maybe Hochstadt if they were residents.



  • Hi Nan,

    according to this: https://www.familysearch.org/s…/pal:/MM9.1.r/9F7J-JW4/p3 the family didn't come from Bavaria but Saxony.

    Hi Anita,

    Thank you for your quick replies to my question. The reason I was checking Bavaria was that on the 1910 US Census my grandmother Augusta listed Bavaria as her mother's (Friedericke) place of birth and West Prussia as her father's (Christian Bernhardt Kastner) place of birth. There is a Family Tree that lists Friedericke born in Hocksted, Germany and Christian Bernhard Kastner born in GroBrudestedt - 99195? I don't know if this is accurate but I will keep looking.