Feldpostmeister-What does it mean?

  • A fieldpostmaster did/does pretty much the same thing as a postmaster. Exception is that he did/does the job in an army postal service.

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  • Dear flordemaio,

    the answer of thinktank is correct, but you have to see this also a little out of the historical view. In former times, when the Deutsche Bundespost for example, was a state owend enterprise and all employees were poblic officers, the job as a Postmeister/postmaster was very formal, each officer had to take the official oath, don't to talk about other's things. Today, it is "only" part of the employments contract.
    In former times - and stil today - postal employees were used, when they have to go to the army, to take care for the postal business. This post is called "Feldpost" in German.

    So,it doesn't sound much, but if you keep in mind one person risk its life "only" to bring some others letter to her/his man/wife, which tells how much he loves him/her. It will show how this job should be respected.

    Hope it helped you a little.

    Kind Regards,