Großonkel Feigel Regiment nr. 140

  • Good day,

    My great-uncle was a German soldier in World War I. He died during the war. I believe he served in the 140th Regiment. Please see the picture. Is it possible to find a first name and something about the unit?

    Guten Tag,

    Meiner Großonkel war ein deutscher Soldat in 1. Weltkrieg. Er starb im Krieg. Ich habe geglaubt, dass er mit dem 140. Regiment gedient hat. Bitte Siehe das Bild. Ist es möglich, irgendeine Informationen über ihn zu finden?

    Nachname: Feigel

    Vorname: Ich weiss nicht.

    Eltern: Karl und Matilda


    Chuck Schmitz

    Ohio, USA

  • In case you're not aware, has images of WWI personnel rosters of soldiers serving in Bavarian army units. There are over a dozen Feigels, but no regiment 140. In fact the regiment numbers were mostly single digits. Did his parents live Bavaria? Could his first name be on the back of the photo? (I can't read German, so I can't tell.)


  • Hi Chuck,
    prussain eagle on the Pickelhaube, infantry spike, "140" on the shoulderboards; so the unit is 4. Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr.140,
    some informations about the unit you will find here:
    His rank is a private (enlisted men), he is wearing the ("old-style") blue tunic, mostly worn in the garrison (for example: basic training).

    But without firstname and/or birthday, et cetera - it's not easy to find something about him. To many soldiers with that familyname.
    Mayby you have to check many casualty lists!?…et%2FFAQ_Erster_Weltkrieg
    ;) Good luck & best regards,

  • Thanks for the links. I did know about the Regiments.Thanks for the info on the rank and uniform. I will check the other link. Looks like I may need to upgrade my Ancestry membership. I will check the other link. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were regimental rosters that survived both wars. It looks like part of the postcard had been cutoff so no signature is visible.