Archival Records for Schloin / Weichau

  • Good eveningI am researching the family of Johann Joseph and Anna Maria (nee Baumann) Altmann who emigrated to Australia in 1844. Family legend says that they were both born in or near Weiche (Weichau) in the locality of Freistadt (Freystadt) and that they married there. They moved to Schloin (which is confirmed by baptismal records for some of their children) before emigrating to Australia. In which archives would I most likely find information relating to this family? Personally searching archives is beyond my scope, so my second question becomes, is there a professional association or regulatory body of genealogists who may be able to assist me in locating members suited for this task?

    Barry Krueger

  • Thanks for the reply. The family history has been researched from the time of arrival in Australia in 1844. I have birthdates and places for the Altmanns and birthdates for their children in Silesia from this history. I have seen the OFB for Schloin and have been in contact with the person organising this OFB. I'm at this stage where I need to research more deeply and extensively. Hence my thought of searching archives

  • Die Kirchenbücher von Weichau, Kreis Freystadt, hat das Staatsarchiv Grünberg-Altkessel von 1794 bis 1874; die Mormonen haben hiervon Filme.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Friedhard Pfeiffer