Karl/Carl/Charles Weibel

  • Karl/Carl/Charles Weibel b. bet 1729-30 Hammerschmiede Nonnweiler. Married 1756 Nonnweiler to Susanna Mosstetmoher b. 1729 Kaiserlautern, Pfalz, Bayern. Father Nicholas Mosetmoher.Karl and Susanna had the following children: Cathrine Baptized 2 Oct 1762 Nunkirchen; Magdalen (Helena) Baptized 11 Feb 1756 Nonneiler; Henrich Baptized 14 Mar 1759 Nunkirchen. Karl worked the mines while in Germany. Looking for information on him and his family as well as his Parents who are unkown. Karl likwith other miners brouleft Germany around 1764 with their families to lie in the colonies. They all worked at Ringwood Manor Iron Mine in ringwood New Jersey. I am only looking for infor in Germany since I have all tother info about him after 1764. Any help will be greatful. ?( ?(
    More info:: It was believed that Johann/Georg Weibel may have been Carl's father. But, there is a dispute from one researcher. They may be related another way.

    The below info indicates were the German Iron Workers may have come from. I am not familiar with Germany and need guidance with this..

    In 1752 Father Farmer, alias Ferdnand Steinmeyerr, a Jesuit from Weissenstein In Wurttemberg, came to Philadelphia. From 1755 he visited his flock of Catholics in New Jersy administering Holy Communion, Baptism and marriages, etc. Father Farmer died in 1786. However his baptismal, matrimonial and other records have been well preserved and published. Names mentioned by Father Farmer were familiar to Walter Petto, who studied the Germans who worked at the early iron mills in the Saarland, the Paltinate, the Mosel and Husruck area, in Alsace and the German -speaking portion of Lorraine, France who set out for New Jersey. Records for these Germans end in Europe in 1765 and begin in New Jersey in 1766. Petto indicates that the immigrants came from the Idarwald, a wooded ridge between the Mosel and Nahe Rivers. Carl Weibel, from Nunkirchen and Johannes May from Langweiler were of interest to my search for the roots were mentioned in his findings.

    For additonal info you can go to my web site: Wyble..tribalpages.com

    Edited 3 times, last by dwyble: Information came to light that Johann Weibel may not be Karls father but related by other means.So, I am requesting for any and all info, direction, or advice to find out more on Karl and his family to include his parents. Thanks Dave ().

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    have you ever had a look at Markus Detemple's Familienbuch der Mark Thalfang 1650-1805 (lineage book of the march Thalfang)? It is including Dhronecken, with location and surname registers.

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  • I found a copy of a it on a site . I cannot read german nor could translate. I went through it the best I could but saw no Weibel's. Did you yourself view it and saw something I might have missed? If not thanks for the advice. Dave