Johan von Frechen born in july 1614, Køln, Rheinland

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    I Wonder if someone could help me with this

    According to i have found a Johan von Frechen born/christened in july 1614 In Køln, Rheinland. He was the son of Johan von Frechen and Threin (I suppose Threin is an spelling versjon of Thrinche????)
    Does anyone noe if Johan und Threin had more children born in Køln ?, i have a suspect that this Johan von Frechen born in 1614, moved up to Bremen, and after some years he moved up to Bergen in Norway (i dont have any proof) In 1649 it was a Johan/Jan Freuchen/Frøchen (different spellings) who take a "burgerbrief" in Bergen, Norway, his birthplace was said to been Bremen. He died before 1657, because his wife was a widow (name on wife not known) in some tax papers. Johan Freuchen had at least one son called Herman, he died in 1705 in Bergen, he tok a "burgerfrief" in 1684, according to this Herrman was born in Bergen, he may also had a brother called Peter. (Jan/Johan and Thrinche was used at Herman children, and later on in the family.

    Is it possible to get any further back ?? I do not know the german sources at all so any help will be appreciated :)

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    Thank you well for your research in Cologne (Köln), Germany (Deutschland, Tyskland). Please note, Köln belongs to Nordrhine-Westphalia (NRW) and not to Rheinland-Pfalz. Therefore, your thread should be moved to "NRW".


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    Just an idea: Your mentioning the names of Köln, Bremen and Bergen made me think of the Hanseatic League (Hanse - I recently read a book about it), so perhaps your ancestor was a merchant. You might find traces of Johan von Frechen in sources related to the Hanse.

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  • Thank you for correcting me about were Køln belonged too.

    The Johan Freuchen son Herman was a skipper, but ithink they also did some mercandise. And the Freuchen familie was hanseatic family. Until the beginning of the 1800s, the Freuchen familie was just married to people with german or dutch herritage, example, Harrje, Krøepelien, van der Velde, etc