Gerhard Damm in USA 1860 Census born at Baden

  • I am looking for all/any information regarding one, Gerhard(t) Damm from Baden, born between 1828-1840. His marriage documentation says he was over 21 years of age in 1856 but in the 1860 Census at Buffalo City, Buffalo County, Wisconsin, he is 20. Those are the only two documents I have since he died during the USA Civil War on 1 Nov 1865 at Little Rock, Arkansas of disease and is buried in the National Cemetery at Little Rock. If anyone has more details on emigration details, siblings and/or parents, I would very much like to have the information. His occupation in the 1860 Census was carpenter. A friend just found the Heidelberg's passenger manifest where Gerhardt was 26 years old in 5 Dec 1854 arrival at New Orleans.

    He married Catharine Korte (born ca. Sep 1831 at Bersenbrück, Königreich Hannover [we know this because of her second marriage certificate which was included in her Widows of the Civil War Pension Record to one Jakob Schmidt in 1867]) on 19 May 1856 at Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA. They had two children 1. Joseph H. Damm, Sr. and 2. Franziska C Damm, both born in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.

    I believe Gerhard had an older brother, Michael Damm (Sep 1824 from 1900 Census) as they lived just a few doors away from each other on the 1860 Census.

    Please see the attached PDF for more detailed information about this family.


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  • Gerhard's record:
    Kirnbach. Im Jahr achtzehnhundert acht und zwanzig den 14ten
    September abends 10 Uhr wurde geboren, u. den 15ten d. M.
    Morgens 7 Uhr getauft. Gerhard Damm, ehelicher Sohn des
    Taglöhners Joseph Damm, u, der Franziska Gmeiner(?) von
    Kirnbach. Taufzeugen waren: ??? aus
    dem Kirnbach, u. Viktoria Wörner, des Adlerwirths Benedikt
    Schneider(?) Ehefrau aus dem Hambach(?)


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