Ignaz Dimpfl

  • *11.01.1741 Franz Joseph Ignatius Dimpfel/Reimer?, Furth(illeg.) - 14.01.1775 Staufeneck Germany
    father-Albrecht, lediger Sohn d. Hans Georg Dimpfel,Bürger,Furth
    mother-Sibilla, ledige Tochter d. Hans Michael Seimer?, Bürger u. Weißbäck, Furth

    I am looking for any information about Ignaz Dimpfl/Dimpfel and his family from Furth im Wald

  • Hi SDimpfl,

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    Just to clear up one point, "Narrenhäusl" is probably the S. German dialekt or variation of Narrenhäuschen, something used for punishing small crimes and delinquencies. This could range from some form of stocks or pillory to a small hut.
    Unfortunately, the only reference I found was in german:
    Judging from this book review, it seems they were also used for mentally disabled people (presumably where they didn't know what else to do with them)

    I'm sure someone will be along soon to translate the rest for you :)


  • Das Salzburger Scharfrichter Tagebuch
    Franz Joseph Wohlmuth 1738-1823

    This is a book by Peter Putzer 1985. Can not get this book in USA.
    Wohlmuth is Ignaz Executioner there should be a listing of punishment and Death for the date of 1/14/1775
    in his diary. Anyone have a copy?