Erbherr auf Mellen

  • Dear German friends

    I live in Brazil and I ´m doing a research about my German family.

    My ancestor ,Johann Friedrich Struve ,born 1680,was "Wirklich Königl . Dänischer Major der Kavallerie und Erbherr auf Mellen".

    What is the meaning of "Erbherr auf Mellen"?I know nothing about Heraldry and German nobility.

    Would you explain this expression ?I thank you so much for your help.


  • Dear Bilet

    Thank you so much for your help.My ancestor lived in Glückstadt and I found the information that he was Erbherr auf Mellen in my great-great grandmothers

    birth register .I would like to know where is Mellen,so that I could continue my research.

    Best Regards

  • Zur Frage, wo das Gut M e l l e n wohl gelegen haben mag
    Erbherr auf Mellen
    darf ergänzend von Herrn v. Roy unter :
    angemerkt werden:

    The name Mellen resp. Moellen is a widespread one in Northern Germany. The name derives from a 'mill' (nowadays: eine Muehle), cf. the name of the two cities Moelln (in the 17th century: Molne resp. Mollen) and Meldorf (in the 17th century: Mildorp) in Holstein and of the two villages Mehlbek (in the 17th century: Meelbeck resp. Melbeke) and Mehlby in Holstein.

    You may imagine that the Mellen estate of JOHANN FRIEDRICH STRUVE was located in the Glueckstadt (in the 17th century: Luckstadt resp. Geluckstadt) area. To find the estate you need even a better map than this map of 1650:…h_Mejer_Stormarn_1650.jpg

    There is an old family STRUVE of Braunschweig that got a Russian patent of nobility in 1782. The genealogy of this VON STRUVE family is to be found in the „Gothaisches Genealogisches Taschenbuch der Adeligen Häuser“, Teil B, Gotha 1938 (!!) and 1942.


  • Dear Simone

    Dear Billet

    I've been searching my German family for five years .I think that it will not be easy to find this Mellen...

    How can I obtain the adresses of the archives of these places?

    Thank you so much for the information and the beautiful map.

    Best Regards


  • In my research for the Struve family, I found Georg Adam Struve (1619-1692-Magdeburg),son of Bartholomäus Struve ,Erbherr auf Wanzleben und

    Möllenvoigt des Erzbistums Magdeburg (1588-Cramme -1650). Should Möllenvoigt be the Mellen which is in Glückstadt church entry?

    Thank you for your help.