Erbherr auf Möllenvoigt

  • Dear German friends

    I found a Georg Adam Struve (1619-1692-Magdeburg) son of Bartholomäus Struve (11588 Cramme),Erbherr auf Wanzleben und Möllenvoigt des Erzbistums

    Magdeburg. Is it possible that Möllenvoigt should be Mellen? I know very little about German regions.My trips in German were always touristic (but now I am

    planning a tour to some archives),so please forgive my ignorance.

    Thank you for your help.

    Best Regards


  • Hi Ligia,

    I think that it doesn't make sense to open a new thread for the same subject, so here's the link:

    Erbherr auf Mellen

    As to "Möllenvoigt", yes Möllen can be Mellen. I think this information by Mr. v. Roy was already forwarded to you by the forum user Billet:…ba6d5a47deec1e4321d1dc4b6

    Voigt or Vogt - reeve in English - is a profession. So Möllenvoigt means that he was the reeve and lived on Mellen manor. About "Vogt" and "Drost" and "Erbherr" read the following articles:

    Best regards,

  • Dear Simone

    Thank you for your answer.I have thought that Möllenvoigt was a place...Can you imagine how difficult it is doing a research speaking very little of German ,knowing very little of German history and geography ?My native language is Portuguese...But I'm learning a lot.

    Now I'll try to get in touch with Magdeburg archive looking for my Struves. Never give up...Thank you again for your help.

    Kind regards .