Gothaisches Genealogisches Taschenbuch der Adeligen Häuser 1938-1942

  • Dear friends

    I´m doing a research about my ancestor Johann Friedrich Struve,Wirklich Königl.Dänischer Major der Kavallerie und Erbherr auf Mellen,which lived in Glückstad from 1715-1760.

    Our friend Billet suggested a research in this book,but unfortunately it is not on line.If someone could help me to find my Johann Friedrich,I should be very grateful. I think he could be part of the Struve family of Magdeburg,but it is only a suspicion.

    Thank you veru much

    Kind regards

  • Hello,

    the noble Struve family comes from Livonia and the pastor family struve in the north of Magdeburg comes from Goslar. I think between both families there are not relation?

    Kind regards

  • Hello Lars

    Thank you very much for your answer.In fact,I know absolutely nothing about these Struves.I find my Struve in my great-grand mother's birth register.

    Now I'm trying to know where is Mellen...Every help is welcome.

    Kind regards.


  • Hallo Lars

    Thank you so much for the links you send me.In the library I also found a book written by my great-grand father Heinrich Lorenz von Gullann in 1814!

    Now I'll try to solve the puzzle of these Struves and the almost twenty places named Mellen ,Mellin and many others...

    Sed mater semper certissima...

    Best regards.Ligia