Ritterhoff from Larman, Germany and Pistorius from Thuringen, Germany

  • Hi,

    I am researching my family history and my 2nd great grandfather was Heinrich Dederich Ritterhoff from Larman. I would like to know more about him and his family and where they came from, and why he left Germany for England. From what I know so far he was a shoemaker. If anyone know where I could find such information I'd be most grateful to know. I am also tracing the other side of my family through Carl Wilhelm Cornelius Pistorius from Thuringen. But I know little about what he did.

    If anyone can help or advise in any way, please do get in contact, it would be very much appreciated!



  • Hello Carrie,

    Could you please add (approximate) dates for birth, death, marriage, immigration, if you have them? That would be very helpful. Also, the names of the spouses and where they lived in the UK...