Families all over Europe

  • I will start with a list of my German ancestors and if appropriate add more families from Norway,England and France:

    Kiessling, Julius Heinrich -Sachsen,unknown Gemeinde or Kreis *1818 emigrated from Bremen with wife and 6 children May 1866 ship J. L. Thiermann

    Dost, Louis -Streckewalde/Zwickau-*1844 emigrated 1890 to Chicago wife Selma Bochman*1847 married 1872 Streckewalde

    Wordelman(n),FriederichW(Frank) *1837 -WestPrussia-emigrated 1881 to Chicago with wife Caroline and family

    Contze, Christoph Henrich*1800 Plettenberg Westfalen emigrated 1847 thru New Orleans with wife Marie Catherina Becker and family to Wisconsin

    Nielsen,Christian*1840 Holdnaes(Holnis)Munkbrarup Schleswig emigrated 1857 to Chicago married Petrena Olsdatter Halvorsrud

    Zoelle,Joannes Georgius * 1800-Erzingen Waldshut Baden married AnnaMaria Zimmerman emigrated 1852 with family to Wisconsin

    Wetzel,Christian Friederich *1824 Schapow Brandenberg married Wilhelmine Marie Schwartz emigrated 1860 with family to Wisconsin

    Tesdorf,Wilhelm *1835 Gross Linde Brandenberg married Marie Arndt emigrated with family 1875 to Illinois

    Arndt, Friederich *1817 + 1870 Wuesten Buchholz Brandenberg married Mary Schumacher Widow who emigrated with family 1875 to Chicago

    I will be posting queries for these on the regional boards to get further histories and connections to families who stayed in Europe

  • Hello,

    I have ancestors in Schapow.

    Peter Woddow

    Peter you have given me a couple links-you were not available when I visited there last OctoberI did take som pictures of the Chrch and town-it seemed like a "ghost town"-businesses closed etc. I would love to open a renewed dialogue with you and I may travel to Brandenburg/Poland in April/May 2013

  • Hello Dennis,

    I am from the 6th May to the 12th May on vacation. Otherwise I have time for a meeting.

    Peter Woddow

    I'm concentrating on the Mediterranean Region on this trip_ plan on leaving Italy for France,up thru Germany,maybe to Krakow and your area before I return to Paris on May 22 for my flight thru Dubin and USA home May 24th I will be active online with my laptop in Europe from March 5th-May 24. I'll stay in contact_ I really want to meet you and spend a few days in your area-my Wetzel heimat. I am leasing a new Peugot diesel so I can go anywhere I like-I will be camping most of the time.