Atlas des Deutschen Reichs bearb. von Ludwig Ravenstein Available through UW Digital Collections

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    "The Atlas des Deutschen Reichs by Ludwig Ravenstein is relatively rare
    in libraries of the United States. Besides Germany, the maps of this
    atlas also cover the bordering portions of present-day Austria, Belgium,
    the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
    the Netherlands, Poland, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, and
    Due to the large scale of its maps (1:850,000) and its thorough
    gazetteer of place-names, one can locate even small towns and villages
    on the maps in the Ravenstein atlas. A special feature is the marking of
    the locations of churches on all of the maps as well as one special map
    with an accompanying table giving statistics on the religious
    denominations found throughout the German empire down to the
    Regierungsbezirk and Kreis governmental units .

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