Latin translation Meckl. Urkund, Band 4 Pages 208,209 Nr 2673 Year 1259

  • This entry below is about records from the Rostock city book, specifically about an official mortgaging his house, I think. Then it has all these references, I am interested only in 11b, about Conrad de Sywan. Can anyone give me a better translation? Can anyone tell me why the references are there? Is there some significance I am not getting from my Google translation? And what in the world is a Lemmeconis?

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    11b "Conradus de Sywan emit hereditatem Lemmeconis carnificis, et in presentia consulum sibi fuit resignata, et totam soluit. Super quo solidum pacis dedit idem Conradus. Actum feria VIa post vincula Petri" (Aug. 3, 1263).

    11b "Conrad de Sywan bought the inheritance of a Lemmeconis butcher, and in the presence of the consuls he was resigned, and paid it all. Over which solid peace Conrad gave the same. Executed Monday VIa after St. Peter ad Vincula" (Aug. 3, 1263).

  • 11b Conrad de Sywan bought the inheritance of the butcher [named] Lemmeco, and in the councillors' presence it was ceded to him and he paid it completely. For which the same Conrad gave the "peace shilling" [= i. e. he paid the symbolic shilling to the council in order to validate the contract].

    The whole list of contracts was given here by the authors to show examples for the term "solidus pacis". The given examples don't have anything to do with the main text "Dominus Tymmo ..." except the expression mentioned before.

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