Sources for Gauhe's Lexicon of 1740

  • In Gauhe's 1740 Lexicon (Des Heiligen Römischen Reichs Genealogisch und Historische Adels Lexicon) on S. 2256 he uses the phrase "In der Mecklenburischen alten Documenten" but does not specify what documents he is referring to. I checked the Mecklenburg. Urkundenbücher but did not find the records he specified. At the end of the section (S, 2258) Gauhe wrote "MSt. Micralius Pommerl. L. 6." I know Micralius Pommerl. L. 6 refers to the Sechs Bücher for Pomerania, not Mecklenburg, but I can't find what the "MSt." refers to, and I can't find a list of sources anywhere else in Gauhe's Lexicon. Does anyone know what Mecklenburg documents he is writing about, or what MSt. stands for?



  • Hello Mark,
    maybe "MSt." means only Magister,
    also "Magister Johannes Micraelius 6. Buch: Johannis Micraelii Sechstes und Letztes Buch / Von deß Pommerlandes Gelegenheit und Einwohnern"
    Kind Regards

    pater semper incertus est