George Alheim (Ahlheim?)

  • I am researching my family history and have come to a point in my research that has me at a dead end. I am looking for George Alheim (or perhaps Ahlheim) who was, according to US census reports, born in Germany in 1848 and emigrated to New York in the early 1860's. However, I can only find a 4 year old George emigrating in 1852 with Balth*** Ahlheim and Cathar*** Ahlheim, both born in 1812 in Bavaria. George settled in Albany, New York and married Lucinda Cramer in 1870. I have heard the town my family is from is either Elmhausen or Groß-Bieberau, but the online heritage books on this site only list Billings, Lindenfels, and Ober-Beerbach as possible areas. Of course, I have not searched all of the books yet. I know of no siblings to George. He died in January of 1923 in Albany.

    I would like to know if Balth*** (Balthasar?) and Cathar*** (Catharina?) Ahlheim were indeed the parents of my 2nd great grandfather. Interestingly, in the early 1990's I spent two years in Kaiserslautern Germany but never researched my family name. I would very much like to return soon.



  • Steve,
    according to this familytree George's father was Thomas:
    But something doesn't fit in the tree. In the Census 1900 it says George was born in September and his wife was born in NY not in Germany.
    George who was born in July died in September 1848:
    And Thomas and his family were living in Illinois:…cgi?page=gr&GRid=24618236

    George, the son of Balthasar and Catharina was not born in Bavaria and also not in Wuerttemberg like these records say:…52~&collection_id=2110801

    but most likely in Jugenheim, Hessen:…her_givenname%3Acatharina~

    But it seems that this family lived in Ohio: and


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  • Thank you Anita.

    George is definitely my relation as his son Frank is my great-grandfather.
    George and Lucinda Cramer are buried in Colonie, NY…cgi?page=gr&GRid=36567467, as is my great grandfather Frank Valentine Alheim.
    Unfortunately I have no solid evidence of George's life or family prior to what I find in the 1900 Census.

    This could be something:



  • Anita,

    My dad said he heard about a "Phillip Alheim, from Einhausen", but that was as much as I could get.
    This would match what you have led me to regarding Phillip, and that this is the George for whom I am researching! Georg Alheim
    Phillip and Elisabeth are buried very close to George and Lucinda…cgi?page=gr&GRid=34957719, although I'm unsure of the meaning of "Cattin Von" on Elisabeth's gravestone. I would assume they are family, then.

    Danke, das ist wunderbar! (I'm trying to learn German!)


  • You have been a wonderful resource, Anita!

    I'm still having trouble with this new information regarding Rosanna (Rosie).
    In 1880 Rosanna and George are married with Geo(rge), Phillip, Edward, and William.
    In 1992 Rosie and George are married with George, Philip, William, Frank, Alexander, Annie, and Walter. Edward died in August of 1880.
    In 1900 Lucinda and George are married with William, Frank, Alexander, Anna, Walter, Minnie, and Louisa. It states they've been married for 30 years, though. On the gravestone of Edward it says "Son of George & Lucindy", as does the gravestone of Johney (1872-1873). This would leave me to believe that Rosanna/Rosie are the same person as Lucinda. Perhaps she used her grandmother's name or it was her middle name and she used that during the 1880 and 1892 census?
    I thought I had a mystery with my great-grandmother Helena Hofmeister, but this one seems to be quite interesting, too!

    Danke, Steve

  • It states they've been married for 30 years

    and that she gave birth to 13 children, of whom nine are still living. I'm pretty sure that Rosie and Lucinda are the same person.

    What a problem do you have with Helena Hofmeister? Maybe we can solve it.


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  • I think you are correct. I found a birth certificate number and will try to travel to Albany to find the record. I would like to plan a trip to Germany very soon, also.

    At one time I could not find Helena Hofmeister's family, but I have since found her death certificate information at my local library, and after getting her exact date of death I went to Albany and found a microfiche of the local paper showing her obituary, including her parents' names.

    Thank you so much for your help, Anita!

  • Hello again!

    I had to take time away to get some work done, but began the research again.
    My follow up to the research has gone from George and Lucinda (Rosanna) to his parents Johann Phillip and Elisabeth Seiß, and I believe Phillip's parents are Valentin and Anne Elisabeth Hartmann. This is all according to When I search for Valentin, I get at least two options for his parents: Johann Jacob Alheim and Margaretha or Paul Alheim and Anna Elisabetha. How would I go about finding out which parents are truly his?
    With Helena Hofmeister, her parents are Antony Hofmeister and Catherine. I think her maiden name was Herbinger. Antony's parents may be Mathes Hofmeister and Agatha Steigleder.
    There is still a lot of information I need to learn. Would anyone know of a contact in the Einhausen area?
    I'm still very new to this but have to say that it is very exciting to find out about my heritage and appreciate the help you have all given to me. DANKE!


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