• Spüalmeister Does any one have a translation or explanation of this occupation? It probably has to do with the early textile industry ie Spools Bobbins Etc.
    If there is a more defined translation it would be appreciated.
    Thank you Martin

  • Hello Martin,

    If you use Google Book search it's easier to find something about the historic context. Actually, I found three different meanings in addition to the job in the textile industry:

    • Someone who flushes (cleans) canals. spülen = to flush
    • In the mining industry: someone who washes metal out of the stones
    • Someone who cleans the dishes

    The correct spelling is "Spülmeister" by the way.

  • Hello Martin,

    the right, current spelling is "Spulmeister". The "Spuler" was turning bobbins. The very old German word "spuole" is meaning bobbin for weaving. (Meister = master craftsman).